Adam Savage of the Mythbusters Rocks Out to the Doctor Who Theme via Tesla Coils [VIDEO]

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 25 May 2011

Adam Savage @donttrythis of Mythbusters dances in a Faraday cage to the Doctor Who theme played by ArcAttack's Singing Tesla Coils at Makers Faire 2011.

Thanks to @24k for the heads up on this one.

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Here is Arc Attack 'doing' the Doctor who Theme in Austin with a Faraday Suit



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Thanks for the link... Although I have seen it performed before, I don't think I had seen this one.


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Previously Dr. Solar posted a similar video where they had a guy in a Faraday Suit done to the Doctor Who theme - It was Arc Attack as well.

That was done a while back (almost a year ago) but here is where you can find it:

Gallifreyan Embassy - Doctor Who theme played on Tesla Coils

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