The Almost People (*spoilers*)

Administrator - Posted on 28 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Almost PeopleIf you have seen Doctor Who: The Almost People, discuss it here. (Warning, there may be spoilers if you haven't seen this episode yet).

Reminder: We will be reviewing this episode live over-the-net on Sunday, 29 May 2011 at 4pm EDT. See details here.

Note: Unfortunately, BBC America has chosen not to broadcast this episode on the same day as the BBC in UK. Therefore there are many who have not seen it yet. Please be extra careful with spoilers outside of this thread.

Unfortunately, I pretty much found most of this episode like the previous one: just plain dull.

At least the ending was out of left field. I had a moment of "Oh, so that's what's going on" just before the Doctor himself says what's going on. And when you look back, the set up really was rather well done.

The interactions between the Doctor (both of them) and Amy take on a whole new meaning.  Very well acted by Matt Smith.  Not as much action as in previous episdoes, but enjoyed it very much.  Seemed like classic Who.

Cheers, PerryG

There goes my idea that the copy of the Doctor was the one killed in episode 1. Also, now the doctor knows when/how he dies thanks to Amy (well, her copy or whatever that was)...
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Like Jennifer, there could be more than one copy perhaps. Not to mention it could be from a different Flesh source (as was Amy). Who knows.

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If you've seen the promotions for the upcoming episode they are very spoilerish and provide possible information that a previous enemy with cloning capabilities and may have a hand in this. The flesh may be based on their technology.


If you haven't seen the promotions, I'm not going to say what the race is because it will reveal too much.

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After seeing 'A Good Man Goes to War' my theory took a major beating.


I thought that maybe the sontarans provided the technology for the flesh to exist, I was still thinking of terms of the sontarans being one of the baddies in the episode. But, that's not the way it turned out.


The promotion I was talking about was the one on BBC's "Doctor Who" page that had pictures of silurians, cybermen and in the foreground a sontaran - that's where I got the idea that maybe the flesh was based on sontaran technology. We had seen them use cloning technology before in 'The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky' and they had made a clone of Martha.


Oh well, I stand corrected.


BTW: That particular picture was on the website for a couple of days, it was quickly replaced when the BBC put out it's "prequel" for the next episode.

I think the flesh is a primitive version of the transmat technology. Especially since the Doctor said to Cleves in the last episode that her "transmatter's still a little rubbery". It's a method of duplcating a person exactly, the only difference is the real transmat destroys the original body after transmission. So this could be an early version of that.  

Also loved the "do you want a jellybaby" in Tom Baker's voice that the clone Doctor said when he was unstable, nice touch there, and it's from an original Tom Baker episode, I think just after he regenerated into Tom Baker, he was eating them to stabilize his regeneration if I remember it right.

Pregnancies, the death and return of ALL THREE main characters, a wedding where we know maybe just...the three main characters, the Doc coming in and out of the lives of Amy and Rory, the gushing between Amy-Rory-Doc, bed talk...THIS Moffat stuff is more like soap opera than anything RTD did. RTD made Jackie, Donna, etc all real people grounded in the 21st century present so that DW could feel...worth something. Without the solid grounding of peeps who care about our companions...why shuld we? That shows in that sooo many people can't stand AMy and/or Rory.

Anything "gritty" about the Doc eras you mentioned was "gritty" because their stories had pacing, made sense, and moved fairly often in all the right places. THIS story or rather this one ep, does not. It's slow in the action scenes and fast paced during the dialog chats! Let's hang about and hold the door back, open it and then disolve the baddie. Why couldn't the Doc just open the door himself and FIRE! I was going to give this a 7/10, then the end came and it turned me toward a 6/10 but then I read the descriptions of the ratings so ultimately this is too rushed in spots and too slow in spots, rushed and slow in all the wrong places so I can't even say it is average. It gets a 4/10. It's bad for many reasons. Let's see if I can sort them:

1-Amy turns dense again and unlikable again. Her whole "I like this Doc better than that one" is not beliveable, we know she's going to have to learn some kind of lesson.

2-Rory is dense again and stupid. Anyone could see that both Jens were monsters. BTW was one just sacrificing herself for the common good of all the monsters?

3-The eyes in the walls. Why?

4-The Doc was testing Amy McCoy style? Why? Isn't that just putting her life at risk for no reason?

5-all the self sacrifices can be seen from a mile away and this Doc doesn't even offer to do it himself just lets some guy go off to free his TARDIS.

6-I need this on DVD to be turn on the subtitles because of all the mumbling and fast dialog that cannot be understood at vital parts.

7-THE extremely long chat/goodbye/"Amy come on" as the fake Doc and the fake capt put their backs to the do what? Are they holding the door from that huge giant monster outside? It goes on far too long to be tense and the acting isn't good enough to be emotional...this is no DOOMSDAY.

8-The TARDIS appears and the capt and the fake young guy get out and...walk into a meeting? Were they expected? Did the Doc call ahead?

9-what happened to the copter waiting?

10-Amy hasn't been Amy for along time? After all that, the Doc just demelts Amy? why? After all that about the mnsters here are human too and after all the saving of the cloned flesh, he just vaporizes her??? WTF?

11-So WHEN was Amy taken? And where is she now? And what got her pregnant? Is that a Dalek eye stalk I saw between her legs? Seriously, was it?

12--Just when Amy was getting's not really her.


14-Really stupid episode which could have been soo much better. "I"m so sorry."

15---AND I do not want to hear these things will be explained later...


Uhm, really, is anyone getting tired of DOCTOR WHO 's bases under siege, rushed endings, stupid arcs that make no sense and is it the fault of the viewers? NO. It is the fault of the show itself. It needs a total rest or a total change of head writer and producer.

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