Reign Of Terror DVD Gets Animated

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 03 June 2011

This time around it is my absolute pleasure to announce something classic series related. The DVD release of 'Reign of Terror' will have missing episodes 4 & 5 animated, in a 'Invasion' similar style.

The information was relesed on twitter through 2Entertains/Dan Hall's account @classicDW, the partners for this undertaking are Big Finish, who are very well known for their audios and Thetamation which boasts "A hybrid of the classic 80's style animation and high-technology. It is suggested but not confirmed, that the same maybe done for "The 10th Planet" & "The Ice Warriors" who have 3 episodes missing between them." Dan Hall has been quoted in the past that it is cheeper to get animation done as a job lot. 

Seeing as both 'The 10th Planet' and 'The Ice Warriors' have been announced for release, I can only hope this carries on.

The picture above is a test animation Big Finish©

Late coming by. Always delighted to hear of a new Hartnell era DVD. While I strongly support the restoration team and find that the old eps absolutely benefit from improved quality presentation, I am frustrated some of the first series of Doctor Who still hasn't been released on DVD yet. Personally I would've wished for The Sensorites before Reign of Terror but at least one of them finally looks firmly set to see a DVD release. Likewise, although I'm sure we'd love the original footage to turn up, it is great to see still-missing eps animated, especially if it helps more people to watch it where they might not watch the older style recons. @ The2ndDoctor; Do you happen to know if the DVD will include the recap w/Carole Ann Ford that's on the tape? I think that would be great for fans and a fair option for those who may still chose to skip the recons (although I very much look forwards to watching these animated recons, opinions are bound to vary). Do you know whom I might ask or offer the suggestion to? Thanks for covering this news here. Hope it will soon see a release and there will be more to come.

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