Moffat Agenda?

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Crusader - Posted on 04 June 2011

I wish Mr.Moffat would stop with the homosexual agenda.

There is no need for this in Doctor Who,even if its for comic relief.

I don't need to be hit over the head with it every other episode.

Other than that, loved A Good man goes to War

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How come every time there are gay people represented on Doctor Who, someone calls it a "homosexual agenda" - Please! What about the "heterosexual agenda" with Amy and Rory? Why the double standard?

I agree, representation of gay people on the series shouldn't be done solely for comic relief, but I see no gay agenda here.

Is there also a Time Lord agenda? They keep bringing up Time Lords in the series.

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It wasn't very funny to make a joke about my comment on a show we both care about.

It's my opinion and that is all. It was a throw away scene that didn't need to be there.

They had no relevance to the story.

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I wasn't joking. I don't understand why there are some fans that scream "homosexual agenda" any time they see gay people represented on Doctor Who. Yet, the same people are not screaming "heterosexual agenda" whenever heterosexual people are depicted. 

Now that Doctor Who is pushing 50 years... if anything there has been a lack of representation of gay people in the series over the years. Why not have one of the Doctor's companions gay? No, I don't count Captain Jack as he is more 'omnisexual' (as I believe they had termed it) and his travels as a 'companion' was limited with the Doctor at best. 

What's this "homosexual agenda" anyway? The fact of representing all people in all of their diversity makes it an agenda? If anything, there has been an 'anti-homosexual agenda' in terms of representation in the mass media over the years. Otherwise we would had seen more gay people in Doctor Who and other shows throughout television's history.

By not depicting it, doesn't make it go away. There have been gay people throughout history, there are gay people today, there will be gay people tomorrow. Just as there have been blue-eyed people, heterosexual people, bisexual people, tall people, smart people, and so on. Representing the diversity of people in Doctor Who doesn't make it an agenda. 

but surly if a good man goes to war is set in the future. Then the fact that a character feels the need to say "i am gay, i really stand out from the rest of the men" that shows that in the future gay people are still seen as something different and not intergrated into socity. 

I have heard the argument that puting gay charcters into the show in a heavy handed way, or having a charcter who is defind by the fact that they are gay, Is counterproductive.

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Representation in itself is not negative or part of any "homosexual agenda" as some may think, no more than representing heterosexual people are part of an agenda. If it is done solely for comic purposes or to illustrate stereotypes, then yeah, it could have negative connotations.

As I commented on our show (Doctor Who: Podshock) reviewing this episode, I am sure there had to be other gay people on board that station as well. So I do think the dialogue could have been written better.


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A friend joked today that between the lesbian Silurian Sherlock Holmes and the two gay soldiers, it was like the RTD Era all over again.


As Louis said, this whole half-season was about Amy's pregnancy -- hetero agenda ~! :)



I don't think Louis was joking about your comment. He. like I, was offended. People who say such things (and I'm not saying you are one of them) want to attack anything gay or homosexual because they cannot tolerate the fact that there are people who are different than they are and who represent another way of looking at life and history...and ;people who say things like that usually are so lacking in confidence about their own beliefs and feel threatened, that they have to say stuff like that.


There are homosexuals in real life all over from every walk of life (even in the animal kingdom) thus if DW and TW are to depict Earth and the universe, then it just goes to reason that some of those episodes will feature some homosexuals.


If anything from Moffat, I'd be worried about the anti DW agenda going on. I saw him speak today on some Youtube thing (I think DW's TRAGICAL TOUR site of photos has a link to it). The man seems to hate DW and his ideas about what is good in DW are...not my own and I'm trying to say it nicely. Frankly I think he's a conceited stuck up in love with himself man who knows nothing about the old show and has a contempt for it and the taste of a swamp... 

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I once again ask if you are watching the same show as the rest of us? First, i think its been established that Moffat is a HUGE doctor Who fan. all one has to do is watch any episode that he wrote. He has added some of the best parts of the new series. He gave life to Capt. Jack, the weeping angels, River Song, and so much more. Watching most any interview with him, one can see how much he loves this show, and his almost encyclopedic knowledge of the show is amazing. Chase, i have read your comments about the new series for a while now, and you seem to not like it very much, so my question for you is this:  Why do you watch it? I know why i do. It has one of the richest histories of any TV show in history. the situations, and characters on this show are far more interesting than most any other show. There is a reason its finally becoming a world juggernaut, and part of that is Stephen Moffat. He just gets it! If you watch any of his other shows like Coupling, jekyll, sherlock, there is an attention to detail, and well thought out storytelling that I wish was available in the states. Joss Whedon comes to mind, but our TV execs tend to cut him off when he starts to really get his stride. AAron Sorkin is another writer who is on the same level. As a podcaster as well i know that there are many, many different opinions. i respect the fact that you have the temerity to come here and speak your mind sir! i just want to know what show you are actually watching? man i would love to have you guest host Random Vortex. it would be probably one of the most fun hours ive ever done on the show. it wouldnt be Chase bashing, it would be two fans of differing opinion discussing our shows. like Hannity and coombs of scifi fans.

I don't think that there is any agenda, i think the situations arise out of the writing. Thank you for your time



PS- thank you Louis, Ken, and James for bringing us all together here


Be Seeing You

Forgive me for being and old Fart but I remember when there was actual sexual tention in Dr Who and everthing was implied. As much as I love "The Kiss" in Dr Who the Movie and thought it was about time they did something like that, I now regret the door that it opend. 

Todays Dr Who is more about romance and sex than a good old adventure, mystery and pseudo hystory.

I miss the days when I could reliably watch Dr Who and not have to be confronted with the "Blubbering hights, Tess of the Deriairbvilles or Member of the Wedding" story.

I miss when it was about fun and or a good old fright that nobody took seriously becasue the monsters were unrealistic. I miss the wobbly sets and same old quarries where the writers had to work hard to keep you interested instead of relying on sex and special effects to hold your attention.

I couldn't care less if it's two guys or two cats kissing and we've seen both and more, I just don't see that it adds anything to the story.

I would rather watch Cybermen with heads that pop like balloons when the are shot at than Rory and Whats her name or whoever make out on the sceen.

Sorry folks but I don't care if I'm accused of not having a romantic bone in my body but do you think the producers of Dr Who could get on with giving us a good story and not being sidetracked with the overcomensation for the inadequate whatevers and their romatic fantasies?


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