Series 7 Delayed???

Rassilons Mutto... - Posted on 14 June 2011

io9 are reporting that Series 7 will be delayed until 2013.  The story suggests that 2012 may be another year of specials.  This would mean Series 7 will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  More here:


I really hope this is just a rumor.  A split series this year, a delay for the next one... WE NEED OUR WHO!

Troy Baker's picture

PLEASE! Let it be a rumor.

I'm started to feel like I'm being cheated from the series, first this season being split in two, and now reports of a delay.

Really, it's things like this that turn people away from many shows.


As a fan of the show, I want my episodes NOW, and this is becoming very off-putting.

I really hate the game of 'Hurry up and wait".

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I remember when it was first announced that this years season would be split into two. Steven Moffat sold it to us that this way... Children would never have to wait more than a few months for their Doctor Who fix. It sounded like a good idea to me but seems very unlikely to be the case now. As it goes,  I genuinely believe that any reduction in annual output of Doctor Who has nothing to do with Steven Moffat... I don't think he would like the idea. However, I now wonder whether this splitting up of the season has encouraged the BBC to maybe only give us six episodes a year... possibly with the odd special thrown in. My concern is that if and when the West has recovered from its financial difficulties whether the BBC will go back to producing 14 episodes a year... Unfortunately, I suspect not!

The thing is that Doctor Who brings in far more revenue than any other production the BBC makes. The merchandise brings in an awful lot whether it be DVD's, Toys, Clothing, Lunchboxes, Cakes, etc or shows like Doctor Who Live or the Doctor Who Experience. Us in the UK not only pay our license fee but also fork out on merchandise for this show that we love. Now, I am sure that when Syfy refused to continue buying episodes of Doctor Who it must have hit the BBC purse strings a little but the sales of merchandise and events alone should buy a season of Doctor Who many times over. this should be considered by the heads of BBC when considering the shows future!

Ultimately BBC, there are other ways to save money. Cut down a couple of episodes of Eastenders a week (I have never seen anybody wearing an Eastenders T-Shirt, or cut into an Ian Beale cake!) but leave Doctor Who alone... don't antagonise the people who are putting their money into your hands ON TOP of the license fee.  Stop messing around with the schedules, put it on at the same time every week... just let us know where we stand for goodness sake!!!

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