Yet Another Rich Text Editor

Administrator - Posted on 20 June 2011

There is now yet another rich text editor option when you choose an "Input format" under the text editor window. This new one may not have all the features of the others due to a problem with the GUI working on our site, but it has most of the basics (plus spell check options). You can find it in the "Input format" options as "Yet Another Alternative Rich Editor."

Good night. (Now I can get some sleep).


There was not feedback on this new editor added to our site a couple of weeks ago, so after a bug was discovered in the previous default rich text editor when it came to inserting images, this one has now been switched to the default one.

If you still prefer the previous one, it is still available to you under "Input format" below the text editor field (see below). It is the first listed "Rich Text Editor." There just seems to be a problem inserting images with it now. There seems to be some sort of JavaScript conflict that was interfering with it. Unfortunately, the conflict could not be traced.

cheeky So what do you think of this new default one? We could use the previous alternative one added more than a year ago as the default one as well.



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