Doctor Who Series 6B Trailer [VIDEO]

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 24 July 2011

We're still not sure as to when the second half of Series 6 will start, the hint from BBC America is The 27th of August, but the trailer has been released, so get your pause buttons ready for analasis!


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The trailer has the date Aug. 27th in it, so I'm a little surprised - I was expecting the series to resume around mid to late Sept..

I'll be looking forward to it.


PS: I haven't seen the trailer on TV yet, but I expect it will probably start airing soon.


EDIT: (a few days later) Just to confirm things - the trailer is being broadcast on BBC America. I saw it while I was watching 'Kitchen Nightmares' on BBC America - so, it is running.

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BBC America has updated their widget to run the countdown for the new episodes. Can we consider this a confirmation or not... I'll leave you to decide.

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Yeah, I think we could take the end of the trailer promo as a confirmation that the series is returning on August 27th. I think I saw it somewhere else from BBC America as well.


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I just discovered that the same trailer that we've been seeing for the last several days on the BBC America website is now available on the BBC's 'Doctor Who" website.

The only difference is that there is no airdate (and of course the change to the BBC logo).

You can watch the trailer here:

BBC 'Doctor Who' - Trailer for episodes 8 - 13


Bear in mind that while it not reigon-locked now - it may be in the future. So, be advised of that possibility.



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Well, now that the trailer is up, it's time to update the list of titles for the remainder of the season. These titles are from the BBC's 'Doctor Who' website, so I think we can assume that they are reliable.

Picking up from "A Good Man Goes to War':

8. Let's Kill Hitler

9. Night Terrors

10. The Girl Who Waited (NEW INFO)

11. The God Complex

12. TBA

13 TBA


...and there we have it, for now. We probably won't get the last two titles until near their air-date, but we may be surprised.


You can view the known titles and a some brief information about all the remaining stories on the 'Doctor Who' website.The story is here:

DOCTOR WHO - Your Guide to the Rest of the Season


WARNING: There are minor spoilers on the website, but overall there isn't that many there. But still, be advised that if you don't want to know - you shouldn't read this story.

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Thanks for posting the episode title list here. I had been curious about them since the trailer came out for 'The God Complex' at SDCC.

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