Blink, Rose, Father's Day

Chase - Posted on 19 June 2009

I showed some younger people BLINK, ROSE, and FATHER'S DAY today or mostly BLINK and bits of ROSE's start and a chunk of FATHER'S DAY. It was interesting to note their responses. The boys, as usual in the US, were more interested in DW than the girls. One boy intially saw some of DW on PBS (yes, the Chris episodes were on channel 21 in the US for a very SHORT time with cut down confidentials!) thinking it was a James Bond movie! In any event, they seemed quite bored by BLINK until the main event, when the DVD is explaining to Sally what was going on and the statues attack Sally and her boyfriend. In truth it doesn't really get going until that scene but the build up makes the ep and that sequence so much better. I began ROSE and oddly enough, perhaps after the set up of BLINK, they were glued to the screen until time ran out on the viewing. Another group watched BLINK but were totally not into it. I shut it off and one young man wanted to see the ending. Then I showed bits of FATHER'S DAY and they were more interested in that esp when the Reapers showed up. One girl thought this was shot in the 1970s and that was why the effects were so poor! When I told her it was in 2005 she then asked why it was so cheap! I told her it was from england and she said say no more! In any event, when she first saw Rose, she asked if Rose was a skank! My intial reaction was yeah. Then NO. Oddly enough, no one asked to see more. For some reason, mainstream US audiences are just not that interested in DW in a big way and thus I feel as good as it is in its current form (WELL in the form of 2005 anyway to maybe 2008) it wil never get a big US audience ever.      

I recently fhowed Blink and Father's Day to two adult friends of mine. They had never seen Doctor Who and they were moved to tears. Nuff Said.

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