"Step Back in Time" back on BBC's 'Doctor Who' website.

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Troy Baker - Posted on 08 September 2011

On the BBC's 'Doctor Who' website they have brought back an idea that they have done before - "Step Back in Time".

The returning feature has a clip from an older episode that has a link (if not a tenuous link) with the current episode.


For last week's episode Amy and Rory were shrunken in "Let's Kill Hitler". The link for that was a clip from the second season classic story "Planet of Giants" where the crew of the TARDIS is shrunken by an accident in the ship.


For that clip you can go here:

"Step Back in Time" - "Planet of Giants"



For this week we have a clip from "Paradise Towers" - the link this week was housing (I did say that some links were tenuous). The housing in "Night Terrors" was a modern day apartment housing wile in "Paradise Towers" the idea was a story on a futuristic housing complex.


For that clip you can go here:

"Step Back in Time" - "Paradise Towers"



They really have little to do with the current episode but it is nice to see these old clips again.


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