Nagging Question about "Girl Who Waited"

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odessasteps - Posted on 10 September 2011

I've only watched the episode once so far, and half asleep, so I may have missed this, but it was bugging me while watching the show and the couple hours after...


Amy waited 36 years for Rory and the Doctor.

Rory waited 2000+ years for Amy, yes?

And no one brought that up (that I saw).


One friend said that's the way Amy is and Rory is not the type that would have brought it up.

I also can accept that they don't remember it anymore after the universe was restarted, execpt, I seem to recall (but don't know exactly when) it's been mentioned since then.


All that said, a really wonderful episode and presumably will give Karen fans ammunition to fight the people who say she is a pretty wooden actress.

Okay last week was okay but not great as there are a few nagging questions about the alien boy that need to be answered so the script makes little to no sense in many ways but that was at least better than this crap.


Crap. DW is total crap now. It means nothing about nothing and about no one. It has no connection to anything and has terrible acting, terrible writing and terrible dialog. Even Matt sucks now. I'm sick of the Doctor making these wide speechers and long speeches. He's just learned Amy hates him now and he asks her about how she made her own sonic screwdriver. She intones in a deep voice from behind terrible make up, "PROBE."


What is this? It's total crap. It has three horrible characters who seem to hate each other and do nothing. Nothing fun. It is time travel iwth all these timey whinemy things happened and none of it is fun or interesting.


I"m done until Moffat leaves...which I hope is soon. He's terrible.

I've been watching Dr who since the 1960, I do have to say that this was the single most boring episode I've ever watched.

There was no new information.

We already know how devoted Rory is to amy, I would have tought that 2000 year was a bit of a give away.

There was no real story to follow. What sory there was consited of  "I love you truly", and we already knew that.

Every part of the story was predictable. Heather my wife even saw everything comming and she never guesses anything right.

The face on Rory the robot sumed everthing up: it was a joke.

When I get the disk set I'l watch the episode one but only to make sure the disk is Ok and I suspect it will never get wached again.


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