The Wedding of River Song (*Spoilers*)

Administrator - Posted on 02 October 2011

What did you think of the 2011 series finale episode, The Wedding of River Song?  Discuss it here. Remember, we will be discussing it live on the net on Sunday (October 2) at 4pm EDT on Doctor Who: Podshock. Join us for it. 

The Wedding of River Song Review

Just awful. We get a Viking dummy out of a 1970s Cartoon Sat Morning Kid's show but even there it made sense and was fairly interesting but not here. We get skulls that move in unison and that eat people. AND we get the big fat blue bloke from RTD's NEW EARTH. Really? Really, Moffat, if you're going to bring back someone from the RTD era (and you continually say you don't believe in bringing back old baddies or characters, it's move on move on move on for you, is it?) then why bring one of the worst characters from one of the worst RTD stories?


What else? TO be fair, about half way in I wasn't listening to this garbage any more. The dialog was so stilted, so unfair, so foolish...but here is more why this is worse than THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD season, TIME AND THE RANI, PARADISE TOWERS, and HAPPINESS PATROL and DRAGONFIRE. Moffat presents a rambling arc that seems as if he is making it up as he goes along. The Doc lies all the time, nice message. River is fooled. River from the future should know this was not the Doc getting killed but the Tessactwhatever it's called. Which is another sily point. Did that thing becomes the skeleton? Did it regenerate? What about the little girl in the alley? Was that River, too or someone else? THe Doc is dying...again! At the same time, he seemed to say he went off and died a long time so he could visit Rose and Jack (just like in END OF TIME) --can Moffat write anything orginal?


We have AMy remembering the Doctor but ROry can't and the explanation: she has a crack and he doesn't. Then how does he go to the bathroom? WE have Amy killing a woman in a chair, true, that woman caused the entire problem but...again, nice message. Amy and Rory: useless, boring, and silly in the new universe. Another reboot.


Time is all and one: really?  So that explains Silurians serving Churchill? The Silence are yet again ridiculous enemies on the ceiling. Churchill's lines are embarassing. Dickens on the screen is yet another mistake and boring.


Matt is just awful in this too. He cannot now act like THE Doctor cause the arcs are a mess, the dialog is a mess, the scripts are a mess, the music is the same overblown garbage, and he...well, can't act really. His Doc is the worst Doc and even in the worst stories, the actors in the past were good (well I'll except McCoy in TIME AND THE RANI, he was awful athere too but he got better), Matt is getting worse. I can't stand to look at his Doctor now, he's foppish, never serious, never bothered, never excited by his events...then again, wh would be?


WHat else? The first ten min were some of the worst DW ever but the rest isn't much better. Oh, the Doc marries River and then...scoots off away from her. Does this man ever grow up? Just the worst come down for a show ever. Just truly awful. I hope it get cancelled. 

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