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Louis Trapani - Posted on 12 October 2011

What a week it has been. Unless perhaps you have been off-world or visiting another time era all this past week, you know we lost Apple co-founder and former CEO, and great tech innovator and visionary, Steve Jobs.

It is a good chance that there wouldn't be a Doctor Who: Podshock show if it were not for Apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs making the iPod so ubiquitous across the world. It certainly wouldn't had been called "Podshock" at least ("iPod" begat "podcast" begat "Podshock"). Now in our seventh year, it has been produced from the beginning using Apple products as it is today.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

On my blog on the ATP site, I posted some of my thoughts on the passing of Steve Jobs. I am not sure how coherent it may be, be that as it may, it was something I needed to do.  Admittedly, it doesn't shed any new enlightenment about Steve Jobs. I offer no new deep insights. This was more therapeutic for myself than anything else. It's basically some rambling thoughts of mine in the light of his passing.

After sitting on it for a few days, I posted it late Sunday (early Monday). Somehow it worked… I felt better after posting it. The best way I can equate this connection to someone I never met is to make the comparison to how many reacted after the death of John Lennon.

What Would Steve Jobs Do? Make it "Insanely Great" -

Thank you, Steve Jobs. Here's to the crazy ones… Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Think Different.

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