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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 30 October 2011

Having limited time on my hands (like all ephemerals) I'm always pleased to find (or in this case devise) a method that will enable me to reach a goal in a manner I can both understand and trust. That which we understand is often adaptable to other like tasks or goals and what we can trust we are likely to use or rely on again. Win win.


What is he going on about? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then have a look at the accompanying screen shot I made with my Mac. If size or resolution presents a problem in making out any of the image, go here to see it in a larger format: http://wmiii.net/doctor_who/itunes_podshock_info.jpeg You may well "get it" the moment you lay eyes on the image, in which case just ignore the rest of this missive, but if not, read on.



Today is October 30, 2011. I discovered Podshock less than a year ago. After downloading several episodes, primarily ones with interviews, I started listening as I walked. I walk for fitness and sanity, sometimes an hour at a time, usually no less than 30 minutes. With my digital camera at the ready (for I never know what I might see on the Trail) and my iPod Nano in my back pocket, I'm off. I devoured Podshock like a locust and eventually had to return to the trough for more. There's more, lots more, so running out of material about my favorite fictional force for good did not pose a problem. In time I may well listen to each and every Episode, including Bonus Episodes as I am a Supporting Subscriber.


Interviews of the cast and crew are the next best thing to attending a convention, so with particular interest in such episodes and the iTunes Store here's what I discovered, or perhaps better put, here's how I found exactly what I was looking for...


First let me credit Louis for either overseeing or perhaps being responsible for writing and including the information text that's part of every episode because that in large part makes this method work. Thanks Louis! 


Here's how it works:


1. With iTunes running, right click on your Podcasts icon just under LIBRARY. Doing so should give you the option of opening it in a new window. That's what you want.


2. Now resize your iTunes and Podcasts windows so that each occupies 1/2 half of your monitor, arranging them so that you have one at the top with the other below it. You'll be using both. I place my iTunes window at the top but it matters not which is where, just have both visible.


3. If you already have a number of Podshock episodes in your library, isolate them. I just typed podshock in the iTunes window search box (top right) and up pops all 75 currently on my drive. Sort them by name or date so that they display sequentially oldest to newest.


4. Here's the fun bit. Shift your focus to the Podcasts window. Episodes you haven't downloaded should be listed but are grayed out. As I mentioned, I'm primarily interested in interviews, so I typed interviews into the Podcasts search box and automatically the software presents a list of episodes with interviews.


5. It gets even better. Be sure iTunes is configured to display episode Description for at the end of that particular bit of data there's a circle with an "i" in it. Click this information icon and up pops a window wherein the notes or information for that episode is displayed. Now you can quickly ascertain whether a given episode is to your liking.


6. And the reason for having both your iTunes and Podcasts widows open at the same time? To make sure you're not double dipping, that is, to give you the means of determining if you already downloaded a particular episode. No point in repeats, right?


So there you have it. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then have a look at the accompanying screen shot I made with my Mac. If size or resolution presents a problem in making out any of the image, go here to see it in a larger format: http://wmiii.net/doctor_who/itunes_podshock_info.jpeg


Pictures from the Trail: : http://www.wmiii.net/walk_of_life/ 


Happy Travels!

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I am glad you found them. I have been including them for some years now. Sometimes I wonder if it is of use to anyone. They can found under "lyrics" for some players. They are sort of show notes in the short form. If I recall correctly, I think originally I had put more details about every episode in them then I do now. There is just so much that goes into post production, especially with the enhanced episodes and so little feedback in regards to those extra features which you may not find elsewhere, that it is sometimes hard to gauge the real value of them.

Thanks again, Bill.


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