Give me a brake.

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 12 December 2011

In Underworld, where "The quest is the quest" indicates Herrick's ID check reveals the sound of the Doctor's Tardis arriving or materializing (as heard by the ship's crew) to be of the timeships of the "gods" who came to help the Minyans 100,000 years ago." The fact of fiction is that Orfe ran the ID check, not Herrick. At about 6 minutes and 15 seconds into the first episode Orfe declares, "Signal identified as relative dimensional stabilizer in materialization phase as used in the timeships of the gods."

In the Time of angels ( ) "The TARDIS chases the Byzantium as it switches to warp drive. The Doctor is manically flicking switches and pulling levers as the TARDIS shakes about violently. River tells him to switch the stabilisers on. He retorts that there are no stabilisers until she flicks some blue switches and the shaking stops. He looks angrily at them and calls them 'blue boringers'. River smoothly takes over the flight and says that she has parked the TARDIS beside the Byzantium. Again, the Doctor argues. He says that they can't have landed because there was no customary wheezing noise. River tells him that the TARDIS isn't supposed to make that noise; it's just that the Doctor leaves the brakes on."

River used stabilizers to stop the Tardis shaking. Whether she used relative dimensional stabilizer(s) or some other stabilizer(s) was not made clear however it seems pretty certain that the Doctor didn't know about it or them. The Minyans quite specifically attribute the sound (of the Tardis arriving) to "relative dimensional stabilizer in materialization phase" which would seem to indicate that it (the stabilizer) was in use or switched on yet River would have us believe that the same sound is created by the Doctor leaving the brakes on during materialization.

Have the gods (time lords) been traveling throughout time and space with the brakes on for more than 100,000 years? Give me a brake.

Happy Travels!

Blue Box Bill's picture Chrissie's Transcripts Site, "Your one-stop site for who said what and when on Star Trek and classic Doctor Who." What a fantastic resource! If you haven't been, go!

Just as the 11th Doctor and River kept meeting in the wrong order, I've been watching classic episodes in a similar way... in no particular order. Funny what turns up.

4 minutes and 50 seconds into into the first episode of Time Flight "the TARDIS encounters heavy turbulence, as if it's been caught in the wake of another time machine" according to, when it (the TARDIS) along with the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan begin to experience a rather rough ride as the TARDIS suddenly lurches while subjected to sustained shaking...

"DOCTOR: Nyssa, have you touched the dimensional stabilisers?
NYSSA: Of course not. All systems functioning normally.
DOCTOR: It could be the relative drift compensator.
TEGAN: Some sort of turbulence?
DOCTOR: Feedback from the solar comparator? No.
NYSSA: Another ship.
DOCTOR: Another ship? What do you mean, another ship?
NYSSA: If it builds up at this frequency, it could draw us into spatial convergence. We must materialise immediately.
TEGAN: But we're due to land in London in a few minutes.
DOCTOR: If we don't materialise, the TARDIS will be destroyed."

Source: (Time Flight Transcript)

The first line of dialogue says it all: DOCTOR: "Nyssa, have you touched the dimensional stabilisers?" These would be the stabilisers that (according to the 11th Doctor) don't exist?

Okay, so the TARDIS has been reconfigured a number of times since the 5th Doctor, or at least the console room has changed, but are we to believe that the core systems of how the TARDIS traverses time and space have likewise changed? Don't think so.

Of course there's always Rule #1. You can explain away anything and everything with that.

Happy Travels!

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