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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 18 March 2012


Review: Tomb Of The Cybermen, Special Edition

Hilariously chilling! That's my take on "Cybermen - Extended Edition" hosted by Matthew Sweet, a history of the monsters from 1966 to new series in the just released Tomb Of The Cybermen, Special Edition. The DVD description could be taken to mean that the new era Cybermen aren't part of this 32 minute feature but they are. Perhaps it would've been better if phrased "a history of the monsters from 1966 to present." No matter, it is a fantastic half hour feature.

This is a 2 disc recording with some impressive extras including "The Curse Of The Cybermen's Tomb" which is a 14 minute piece wherein the Telos "Tomb" is examined and paralleled in a factual manner alongside some of mother Earth's history, specifically that of ancient Egypt. Some interesting visuals to be sure.

The Lost Giants, "Making Of" half hour long special is informative. The same is true of multiple commentary tracks this set offers, drawing on the talents and memories of Deborah Watling, Frazer Hines, Bernard Holley, Shirley Cooklin, Reg Whitehead and Victor Pemberton, moderated by Toby Hadoke. Deborah and Frazer appear in 2 different commentary recordings, the first is from 2001 while the second was made more recently in preparation for release of this 2012 Special Edition of "Tomb."

I'm always a little cautious when it comes to Special Edition recordings because most come at a special price. I will certainly have a look at the previous release of "Tomb" episodes to compare the "upgrade" (pun intended) however this is a true classic from the Patrick Troughton years featuring iconic baddies that have stood the test of time (and space). With so many of the 2nd Doctor's episodes gone missing we can only relish what remains. This is a Special Edition worth having. Please pass the relish.

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