Back by Popular Demand, the Doctor Who: Podshock Meet Up on Second Life! Taking Place on May 19th

Administrator - Posted on 11 May 2012

After having to postpone our regular meet up last February due to scheduling conflicts, we received many inquires on when the next one would take place. It's here! We are back on schedule with our May meet up. Fans of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and alike are coming together once again for the legendary Doctor Who: Podshock seasonal meet up on Second Life. It is all happening on Saturday, the 19th of May 2012.

Second Life Meet Up May 2012

The meet ups are a relaxed informal way to meet up, talk (yes, you'll want to use your microphone on your computer), and have fun with other like-minded fans. Second Life provides the platform (environment) for this meeting. It is not a game, it is simply a way to communicate and express ourselves in a virtual way.

Come and join Doctor Who: Podshock hosts, correspondents, friends, and listeners in celebrating the longest running science fiction series on television and you can do it from your pajamas if you like. Just kick back in front of your computer with your favourite beverage and/or snack and join other Doctor Who, Torchwood, and alike fans coming together on Second Life. All at no charge.

Join together with other Doctor Who and Torchwood fans no matter where you are geographically located, all you need is broadband internet and a computer capable of running the free Second Life software.

Our seasonal meet ups are a fun and fantastic way to connect with other fans without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Each meet up has been grown larger and larger.

Join us on Saturday, 19th of May when we all come together once again for a Gallifreyan Embassy / Doctor Who: Podshock virtual meet up!

Doctor Who: Podshock 251: Doctor Who Fandom in Second Life and BeyondDoctor Who: Podshock 251: Doctor Who Fandom in Second Life and Beyond

It doesn't matter where you live, it's like having your own TARDIS to ride in to Second Life! All you need is a broadband internet connection and reasonably current computer (Mac or Windows) to join us. The Second Life (SL) software is free to download and use.

Starting at 1pm SLT (Second Life Time = Pacific time in the US) we will bring back a popular feature of past meet ups, the "TARDIS Tours." There has been many changes to SL since our last 'TARDIS Tours' outing, so we hope to catch up on some of them this time around. The dance party will follow afterwards.

Explore The Doctor Who Exposition in Katrina. Check out the various incarnations of the TARDIS console room, peruse the virtual Doctor Who museum, and more. Even visit the Torchwood Hub in Cardiff. There are various other Doctor Who and Torchwood simulations on Second Life. You may had seen some of them on the "TARDIS Tours" at our meet ups in the past. Check them before or after our meet up and party.

The Dance Party with DJ (once again the fantastic music will be provided by the talented Edward Pearse (yet to be confirmed at this time)) is from 3-6pm SLT. Join the fun. it doesn't matter if you can dance in your first life or not, you will be able to do so in Second Life. Don't be shy, meet up with other Doctor Who: Podshock listeners, hosts, correspondents, regular contributors, Gallifreyan Embassy members, and Doctor Who and Torchwood fans.

It takes place in Katrina (Chronopolis (formerly Cardiff) and the Doctor Who Exposition) on Second Life like last time (clicking on the linked Katrina name will bring you to the location in Second Life). See the video below of Victor1st giving an introduction to Second Life and the land of Katrina.

(You will need to use the Second Life client software available free for Mac or Windows. Although not required, a microphone and headphones helps as you can speak and interact with others without having to type things out).

Once again we thank Victor1st and HBK, for their continuing help and efforts putting together these amazing events for us on Second Life.

This FREE event is brought to you by Podshock Supporting Subscribers. Please help us continue to bring you events like this one and others by becoming a supporting subscriber. Alternatively, please feel free to make a donation in any amount you like.

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