Top Five Henchmen - Den of Geek choices

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Troy Baker - Posted on 03 August 2012

Den of Geek has on their site a listing of their top five henchmen in "Doctor Who". For fun, I though I'd post their list here:

5. Tamsin Drew (8th Doctor Adventures - Big Finish)

4. Stotz (The Caves of Androzani)

3. Bok (The Deamons)

2. Nyder (Genesis of the Daleks)

1. Packer (The Invasion)


You can see the list and reasons that they were placed in it here:


Now I have a different group in my mind and I'm sure that you have a different list as well.

Who do you think should have been included in the list? Who should have been left out? Why?

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One that I would remove from the list would be Tasmin Drew - not because it's not a televised episode but because she wasn't that much of a henchman in my eyes.

I would include the robots (from "Robots of Death") because when they were reprogrammed they became cold emotionless henchmen to their new boss Taren Capel, that would even kill for him without a second thought.

Another inclusion would be Mr. Sin (from  "The Talons of Weng-Chiang"). He was a killer and henchman for the maniacal Magnus Greel in the story and did so with no concern for the consequences to himself.

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