Doctor Who 2012 Series Prologue 'Pond Life' Complete 5 Parts

Administrator - Posted on 31 August 2012

Pond Life

Here is the prologue mini adventure from the BBC for the 2012 Doctor Who series, Pond Life. All five parts are included below so you can view them one after the other (each is very short). As the name implies, it focuses around Amy and Rory, but the Doctor is also included in each.

The complete five episodes (or chapters) are below one after the other. UPDATE: Wouldn't you know as this was being posted here, the BBC released an omnibus version of Pond Life as one video of all five parts? They have and now instead of the 5 parts below, here is the complete all-in-one version which runs 5 minutes and 22 seconds:

Troy Baker's picture

The best line...


"Ood on the loo."


That made me laugh.


BTW: When did the Ponds encounter the Ood?

Blue Box Bill's picture

When did the Ponds encounter the Ood? The Ponds encountered the Ood in The Doctor's Wife. He was a green eyed Ood called Nephew.

And yes, that was a funny line. Rory (Arthur Darvill) really did a great job with how he reacted to what he saw in the bathroom and in how he attempted to dissuade Amy from going there.

I too was trying to remember when they encountered the Oods... Thanks for the refresher. Yeah, 'The Doctor's Wife', that's right.

- Louis

Troy Baker's picture

I had forgotten that they had met the Ood there. I guess it's appearance was overshadowed by the Doctor / Idris storyline.


BTW: Did you hear that "The Doctor's Wife" won a Hugo award?

Here's the story:


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