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MythicDocWho - Posted on 25 October 2012

Greetings Friends,

It is my hope you all are well. As some of you may know over on my own blog "Comfy Chair"  I started sometime ago an archive of a Doctor Who fanzine "Morbius." I have a huge interest in fanzines as a whole but especially those regarding Doctor Who & Tolkien, even more specific fanzines from groups in the New York area. The Doctor Who fanzine "Morbius" is not entirely from the NY area but it is where I got my start in collecting Doctor Who fanzines.  

My post today is concerning the fanzine of the Gallifreyan Embassy "Ambassadors of Life," which ran until the mid-1990s if I am not mistaken. I have a few issues courtesy of Louis and Ken but wish to expand my personal archive. Ideally I would like to create a digital archive for my own collection and am not set to make it public unless I gain specific permission from Louis.  

If you have been a member of the Gallifreyan Embassy since its early days 27 years ago, and have copies of Ambassadors of Life that you are willing to part with I would really like to speak with you. I am by no means well endowed monetarily but am willing to discuss any arrangements with you in obtaining them from you. 

In the long run I would love to write a larger work, book or otherwise, about Doctor Who fandom, but for the moment I am just collecting material for my own collection and research.  

If you have copies of Ambassadors of Life you would like to part with please email or tweet me;


mythicdocwho AT gmail DOT com

I am still assessing all the damages from the flooding as a result from Hurricane Sandy... The remaining copies of Ambassadors of Life may have been destoryed by Sandy.

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