Best Wishes to Louis after Hurricane Sandy

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daveac - Posted on 31 October 2012

In case there are members here that don't follow Louis on Twitter or Facebook - please note Louis is mostly offline due to the terrible effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Although he is OK but very tired , he and some members of his family have been lashed by this freak event which has caused great damage.

As well as water ingress he is without power or internet and is conserving his iPhone for emergency use.

Our thoughts are with you Louis and your family plus of course the millions of others struggling in those badly affected States.

Best Wishes, daveac

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From his iPhone on Facebook:-

Update #Sandy Aftermath Day 3: Still no power, heat, phones, little connectivity. Removing water slowly via a bucket. Saw boats uplifted on to roads.

Other Podshock members were caught in all this ie. Ken Deep & Andre Tessier 'No power no heat' after inquires by Graeme Sheridan

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Update #Sandy Aftermath Day 4:
Still no utilities & minimum connectivity. Lost my big colorful pond fish. No power to run filter. Pond water has been stagnant water for days and has filled with hurricane debris.
Update #Sandy Aftermath Day 4 Supplemental: Tired. Still hand bailing water out. Tired. Local sewage facility had major failure. Tired.
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Louis via iPhone to Facebook:-

Update #Sandy Aftermath Day 4 Supplemental: I went to a nearby town that has power restored. It felt like re-entering civilization. For a moment Sandy felt like only a bad dream… for a brief moment.

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#Sandy Aftermath Day 5: Still no power, heat, phones, etc. Very limited net connectivity. Still hand bailing water out.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 5 Supplemental: Discovered cut near ankle. May had happened when I stumbled down the stairs Monday when place was flooding. Hope it doesn't get infected from the flood water.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 5 Supplemental: I've seen National Guard vehicles on major roads in my area, but not around me. FEMA reps said to be in area.

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#Sandy Aftermath Day 5 Supplemental: Reports of nearby towns having power restored had given me hope for mine. It proved to be false hope.

Sandy Aftermath Day 6 Supplemental: I'm hoping we may get power restored today. Still flooded here with a pump, but no power for it.

Sandy Aftermath Day 6 Supplemental: Still no power. Hand bailing continues. Huge trees blocking roads & utility lines need clearing.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 6 Supplemental: Hose for pump is set to go. Hand bailing seems like an act of futility now. Need power for pump.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 6 Supplemental: LIPA said that 700k customers will have their power restored by 11/4. I sure hope I'm among them.

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They have power here (Golden Reef Diner) Hot meal tonight. Though I suspect a bit of price gouging going on here.

Sandy Aftermath Day 7: It was the coldest night since the storm. Still no power, heat, etc. At least I managed a few hours of continuous sleep though.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 7 Supplemental: Hope. I finally saw a LIPA (power company) truck drive down my street. Tried to flag it down but it didn't stop.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 7 Supplemental: There's a helicopter circling around my home now. I can't make out the markings on it. Not a news chopper.

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Dave, if you can, please do me a favour. Day 7, still no power & flooded. 

Not sure when I'll be up & running.
Please if you can - tell Listenners that DW Podshock will return when I'm back in operation. 

Very little net access now. 
No timetable now. 

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Sandy Aftermath Day 9:
Coldest night so far. Near freezing. Still no power, heat, etc. My voting location changed from a fire house to a school.
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Further Tweets listed in oder of posting:-

It's election day. This will be the first time I'll be checking the election results via the radio since we still have no power.

Sandy Aftermath Day 9 Supplemental: I voted! No power, heat, etc. Little net access, gas crisis, etc. Change of voting locale. I still voted.

Sandy Aftermath Day 9 Supplemental: LIPA better shake their ass getting power restored. Tomorrow will be day 10 of this living hell.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 9 Supplemental: I voted at the polls already. Now I'm voting for power, heat, reliable phones, and consistent net here!

It's not the same experiencing election results on just a radio. Congrats to the winners. It's cold here. Still no heat. No power. #Sandy aftermath continues.

Last tweet posted:-

Sandy Aftermath Day 10: Each night colder than last. Need power and heat. I hate LIPA. Feels like I'm living in a 3rd world war zone.

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Sandy Aftermath Day 11 Supplemental: NY Gov announced 90% of those affected had power restored. I'm just 'lucky' to be in the 10% failure.

Sandy Aftermath Day 11 Supplemental: More bad news. My car has a flat tire. The only working vehicle, post storm in my family.

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I've been commenting on Louis' facebook posts, but obviously he doesn't have the time or battery life to respond to everybody. I'm far away in California. Dave, I know you're far away in a whole different country. All of us are strewn about in different places, and it's hard not being able to help. Is there anything we can do? I have other friends who were devastated by this hurricane, but most of them are comic artists who are recouping their losses through art sales and commission drives. I've been passing around links and articles for days, doing what little I can from here to help them. I hate feeling helpless when friends are in trouble. I don't know Louis personally, just through fandom, but his passion for the good Doctor has inspired me and helped build my passion for these wonderful stories and characters we love so much. I'd love to repay Louis that. Let me know if you have any ideas. And thank you for posting Louis' status updates on the GE website, and keeping Louis in your thoughts. Any ideas please let me know through here or facebook, Dave. I'll send you a facebook message too. Anybody else have ideas, please do the same.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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Thanks Carl,

Yep - it really is an ordeal Louis (many others) are still having.

One place to checkout is his Art Trap Contact page although as we know his contact with the Internet World is currently his quick iPhone tweets.

Re-charging his phone being a major issue for him.

Here's the link:

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My last updates for Louis as his epic journey finally comes to an end and he re-joins the online world again.

So until he posts directly himself - here are his last Tweets:-

Sandy Aftermath Day 14 Supplemental: Now the real dirty work begins getting all the destroyed stuff out of my place & still expelling water.

Sandy Aftermath Day 14 Supplemental: We had some disaster relief volunteers stop by with some needed supplies. Very kind of them.

#Sandy Aftermath Day 14 Supplemental: I had a shower! Normally something I wouldn't tweet about, but this was the first after two weeks!

Sandy Aftermath Day 14 Supplemental: Slowly returning to civilization again. My ISP has returned. Finally some net access! Still spotty AT&T though.

Regards, daveac

There's a long road ahead before we are back to "normal" but in the meantime thanks for understanding and all the expressions of concern. It is a major set-back, but we will get through it.



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