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Louis Trapani - Posted on 10 November 2013

So word is that Steven Moffet is giving Peter Capaldi the opportunity to choose his Doctor's look. I'm keeping an open book on what it could be, though I wouldn't mind something a little unusual but elegant. What do you think?

I'd love to see a regeneration where there is a crisis right after a regeneration that forces the doctor for one episode only to grab something to wear quickly and it just happens to be Colin Bakers costume.
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It could be cool to see. We've seen past costumes make cameos before in Doctor Who, so anything is possible. I wouldn't hold my breath for it, but you never know.


I recently was on an Air Canada flight and discover they were showing the first Tom Baker episodes. Tom Baker was my first doctor and, after many years, it was fun to see his introduction as the Doctor again. I'd love to see a similar scene where Tom Baker chooses his costume with Peter Capaldi, or a future Doctor. Instead of odd outfits like clowns or royalty the Doctor could pop out of the Tardis in previous Doctors outfits each time with comments made how that costume is not him.
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It's been confirmed that the new series will be hitting the screens in August, so in a mere 3 months time, we will probably see how the 12th Doctor aquires his look (costume).

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