Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special Title Announced Plus a Teaser Video

Administrator - Posted on 25 November 2013

The BBC has confirmed that the upcoming 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special is titled, 'The Time of the Doctor.' So we have had 'The Name of the Doctor', 'The Night of the Doctor', 'The Day of the Doctor', and now 'The Time of the Doctor' all in row with only the mini episode titled, 'The Last Day' interrupting the pattern. There's a teaser promo video for it, albeit very short, that the BBC has released as well (see below). How many days until Christmas now?

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We now have the broadcast times for "Time of the Doctor" for BBC One and BBC America

BBC has confirmed in the media centre that it will air on Christmas day at 7:30 PM and runs through 8:30 PM

The BBC America website has it scheduled for Christmas day as well but it will air at the regular time for "Doctor Who" broadcasts 9:00PM (EST).

Looking forward to Christmas Day now!

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Yes, it means it will be here in just 3 weeks from tonight. It should be arriving on iTunes and Amazon shortly afterwards (hopefully not delayed due to the holiday). 


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