Review: Sarah Jane Smith: 8 Fatal Consequences

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 01 December 2013

The Skinny: Liner notes: Having lived a life of adventure as a traveller in time and space, returning to a quiet life on present day Earth was never going to be easy. Ex-journalist, Sarah Jane Smith is determined to make a difference in her own way. Fiercely independent, Sarah relies on her own wit, judgement and keen sense of morality to challenge the evils of the world. Life is never quiet for long. Trouble has a habit of finding Sarah -- even when she’s not looking for it.

Sarah Jane Smith has been attacked, stalked and shot by the acolytes of a doomsday cult. When she tries to turn the tables, Sarah discovers the Crimson Chapter has a weapon that could claim millions of lives -- and her own actions may have instigated their genocidal plan.

And now, the rest of the story...

Doctor who fans have heard the Doctor refuse to alter what he calls fixed points in time and we've heard him go on about how the present can affect the future in ways we can't even begin to imagine. While that line of thinking or philosophy seems to be given little more than lip service by the Doctor, Sarah Jane learns that what the Doctor said is true.

While a stand-alone character in her own right, Sarah Jane came to life as a companion to the 3rd Doctor. It was during her travels with the 4th Doctor that perhaps one of the longest Doctor Who story arcs began and continues through this particular episode. Long time fans will see the connection. Newer fans may be left wondering how it all fits together. I assure you it all fits together. To say more is to say too much.

This episode, an extension of previous episodes, provides us with a deeper look into the back stories of the players in new settings and circumstances. While at times we are tempted to predict how a given character might act or behave there are plenty of twists and turns waiting along the way in this story so I can say without hesitation you don't want to get ahead of the game. Wait for it... wait for it.

Doctor Who fans are well acquainted with the ratio of regular to guest actors from one episode to the next (meaning there are usually far more guests than regulars) so we get to know our lead character and a side-kick, associate, companion, significant other (or two) on a very intimate level while an ever-changing sea of supporting characters remains less familiar for they primarily appear in single episodes, having very limited life-spans they are in effect created out of thin air to flesh out their part of the narrative only to disappear into the ether from which they were created at episode's end. Here we have a number of characters that we get to know over the span of the series which includes some nasty baddies. Character development on this level makes for a slower chill which is to say that the dark side of a character may be revealed over the course of hours rather than minutes. I like that. Expect the unexpected in Fatal Consequences.

Fatal Consequences earns a 5 MOBILE Rating

What's this?

PRODUCTION NOTES: Cast: Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith); Jeremy James (Josh); Tom Chadbon (Will); Jacqueline Pearce (Keeper); David Gooderson (Dexter); Patricia Leventon (Maude); Katarina Olsson (Emily); Shaun Ley (Newsreader); Stephen Greif (Sir Donald)

Writer: David Bishop; Director: John Ainsworth; Music: Steve Foxon; Sound Design: Steve Foxon; Cover Art: Lee Binding

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Thanks Bill. I still need to catch up on the SJS audio adventures. Recently I started revisiting The Sarah Jane Adventures television series. Rewatching them for the first time since they originally came out. I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten. 

Such a great loss losing Elisabeth Sladen when we did. At least we will always have her recorded works to enjoy.

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8 Reviewed, 1 to go. I've been dragging my feet toward the final episode but have recently realized that... well, there's no point in plagiarizing myself so instead I'll share what I realized in my review of Dreamland. And I agree, at least we will always have Elisabeth Sladen's recorded works to enjoy. There's no denying that Sarah Jane was brought to life by Elisabeth, both are and will continue to be missed.

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