Ice Warriors Flip Flops

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 03 December 2013

Ice Warrior Ep 3 Flip Flops

In the recently released (DVD) Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors, a 6 episode classic era story, 2 missing episodes, episodes 2 and 3 are skillfully reconstructed through animation. I do not pretend to know which of the classic episodes produced this way (where animated episodes replace missing live action episodes) are better, more accurate, etc. for beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however I will point out a major fluff in the animation of Episode 3 in The Ice Warriors and that is that flip flopping occurs. At 4 minutes and 47 seconds into the episode you'll see the first frame or still shown here, where Miss Garrett says to Penley, "I followed you." As the scene unfolds everything flip flops or reverses a number of times. Subtitles are included in the frames so you can match flip flops with dialogue and to silence any naysaying about how frames could have been flip flopped to 'fake' this observation.
Happy Travels
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Hmm... Yeah, the costumes make it obvious that the image is being flipped. I can't imagine they didn't notice it. Who knows (no pun intended)? 

I need to get this DVD as my VHS (which came with an audio CD for the missing bits) was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy. I wasn't sure if it had been released on DVD or not yet. Thanks for the heads up on it and the flip flops.


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