Wallpapers for Chrismas Special!

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Troy Baker - Posted on 06 December 2013

BBC has released new wallpapers for the upcoming Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor". There are seven of them available and they are available in 4x3 and 16x9 format.


You can get them here!




Meanwhile, BBC America doesn't have the wallpapers - yet, but they do have new images from the upcoming Christmas special - five of them (and nothing spoilerish).

You can find them here:


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Thanks for sharing the link. I am disappointed that the BBC no longer makes that many wallpaper images available to download as they used to in the past. I recall in years past, each episode had a dozen or so images that could be downloaded and used as desktop images. I think there was only one for The Day of the Doctor. They do have "photo galleries" for each episode, but they are web slideshows and not easily downloaded and not in high resolution. There used to be a download option for each image. I'm not seeing it today.


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