The Adventure Calendar - 2013

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Troy Baker - Posted on 12 December 2013

It's back. The adventure calendar from the "Doctor Who" website is out.


For those of you who are not familair with the adveture calendar, let me explain it this way. It's based on the advent calendar and with 25 "doors" on it. With each calendar day you open each door. Starting on Dec. 1st you open  one door, and each day after you open an additional door until all the doors are opened on Dec. 25th (Christmas Day).

Behind each door could be a saying, part of a story or even a small gift.

Well the Adventure calendar is the same thing but, since it is on the "Doctor Who" website every door has something "Doctor Who" related to it.  It could be a link to wallpapers, links to video clips, etc...


Now that you know what it's about here is the link to this year's Adventure Calendar:


BTW: Sorry for the delay of posting this, it should have been posted sooner.

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