The Doctor's New Outfit!

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Troy Baker - Posted on 27 January 2014

BBC, BBC America and Entertainment Weekly have released a photo of Peter Capaldi in his outfit as the Doctor.



Love it or hate - this is it, but until we actually see how it looks in the show (as oppoesed to a white background) I'm going to reserve judgement about it..



The story links are here:



BBC America


Entertainment Weekly


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Sorry, couldn't resist.

Happy Travels!

When the next doctor is announced (three four years down the way) the should hold a contest to design his new outfit. Now that would be fun.
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They did that with the Abzorbaloff (Doctor Who: Love & Monsters). More recently with designing a TARDIS interior console room that was used in The Doctor's Wife. So it is not unheard of that they would do such a thing. They may not use it as the actual costume though, but perhaps as a one-off thing he would wear in a particular episode as with the other design contests.

I love his new outfit.

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