Regenerations Panel - Does Age Matter for the Role of The Doctor? [VIDEO]

Administrator - Posted on 26 April 2014

A video from a panel discussion at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration event consisting of former actors to play the part of the Doctor, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy on the topic of if age matters for the actor playing the part.

It would open up some interesting possibilities if one of the classic series actors still alive came back to play the doctor. I know Tom Baker appeared at the end of last year briefly which was a true joy, but whether he was a future incarnation of the doctor or not is open to interpretation.I can just imagine the fun that could be had when the doctor regenerates into one of his previous selves for two or three seasons. This is Dr. Who and anything is possible so why not? Expect the unexpected with Dr. Who I say. It would be a treat for us older fans and help introduce the next generation to a previous generation.
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Age shouldn't matter, but there's also the consideration of the pace of production and the shooting schedule for Doctor Who today. Plus there is all the publicity work that goes along with the show as it is today. It may be a bit too much for any of the actors older than McGann and Capaldi now. Perhaps Davison can do it.


That is true about the production but with time being "wibley wobley" and every version of the doctor somewhere out there in time one could bring a classic doctor back for a few episodes, limiting the time needed for them to be in production. Sylvester McCoy would be a good one to return. I wonder how production of Doctor Who differs from that of the movies in which he recently has been?

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