TARDIS Telepathic Interface... there all along.

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 25 September 2014

Were comments in Podshock 310 ( during review of 'Listen' ) about the TARDIS Telepathic Interface intended to get our attention? Because that's exactly what happened. I was in the middle of writing a piece about Doctor Who when remarks concerning the Interface validated a question I've been considering for awhile.

Here's an excerpt from that piece which at present has a working title of 'Nuggets And Nods'...

'When a new widget is bolted onto the TARDIS it becomes part of the lore which constitutes the continuum, what we deem canon. When a device or some other technology is used for the first time in Doctor Who, like the Chameleon Arch ( Human Nature / The Family of Blood ) it becomes part of that same lore. I wonder how many new plot devices have been added by writers who weren't even alive in 1963? Yet we accept such new sciences, technologies and / or gadgets as having been there all along... since day one which is to say we don't have to see a new gadget installed or the initial manifestation or evidence of a new science or technology to accept it as canon. We simply accept it as part of a story arc which began in 1963. Okay, sometimes we question why it wasn't used in a previous episode where similar circumstances would have made it the 'go-to' tech or bit of kit, but by and large we accept it and move on.'


TARDIS Telepathic Interface. New tech that's been there all along... well at least since Episode 1 of Season 8.

As the 4th Doctor put it in 'Robot' 'People never can see what's under their noses and above their heads.' -source: http://www.chakoteya.net/DoctorWho/12-1.htm

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Thanks for going all out for this one, Bill. So it was there all along. I didn't take notice and I hadn't watched any of the pre-'Listen' episodes again since 'Listen' went out.

So I must admend my comment that the Doctor should had taken a panel away to reveal it as it has been there all this time uncovered.

Sort of like The Watcher in 'Logopolis' was the Doctor all the long... Well, perhaps not exactly like that.

Cool. Thanks again.


Check out this link from before Capaldi


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Wow. Thanks, Joshua. That is fantastic. Fantastic because you are right, it has been there longer than I had thought and fantastic because I hadn't seen this video before (although Clara checking out the previous companions on the monitor seems familar). At first I thought the video came out today because the YouTube published date on it is the 3rd of November and then I realized the year... 2013. As you said, dating back before Capaldi as the Doctor.

Thanks for sharing the video.


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Well spotted Joshua. While I'm hung up on canon this obviously shows the TARDIS was refitted for the 12th Doctor well before we saw it in the Series.

Happy Travels!

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