Titan Comics to Publish Crossover Featuring Four Doctors

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kylemj6977 - Posted on 02 June 2015

Titan Comics to Publish Multi-Doctor Crossover Comic Event

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A news item on Nerdist.com last January is where I first read the news that the Doctor Who comic license was leaving IDW and heading over to Titan. Now, over a year later, we’ve seen new titles for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors PLUS a Doctor Who book available for the 2015 Free Comic Book Day.

August will bring all four together in a crossover penned by legendary writer Paul Cornell. I have always been a fan of multi-part Doctor stories and look forward to “seeing” the Twelfth Doctor interact with the others.  I’m curious to see how the Eleventh, especially, will react to his “replacement.”

Mr. Cornell is a friend to Doctor Who: Podshock. We mentioned the crossover most recently in episode 327 during the news section. 

He is no stranger to Doctor Who having written comics, books, and screenplays. One of my episodes from the Ninth Doctor’s Era, Father’s Day, and another from the Tenth Doctor’s era, Human Nature, are both written by Paul. His comic resume is just as impressive as his other works. But, for this next project with everyone’ favorite Time Lord, he is not resting on his laurels.


How Many Doctors?


Want to know how? Did you catch my “mistake” above? If not, allow me to repeat: August will bring all four together in a crossover penned by legendary writer Paul Cornell.  Yes, FOUR Doctors – not THREE. The Ninth Doctor is currently starring in his own miniseries – so one might assume that it will be that incarnation, right? 


Want a hint?  He said, “Who are you boys? Are you his companions?”  Or, perhaps, one might best recall his introductory lines:  What I did, I did without choice…in the name of peace and sanity.”

The War Doctor will join the other three of his future incarnations on what will be a five-part epic adventure. The fun begins this August.


About Paul Cornell

Want to know more about Paul? Visit his official website at: http://www.paulcornell.com/

Read Paul’s blog post discussing the crossover: http://www.paulcornell.com/2015/05/four-doctors-preview-and-phoenix-comic-con/



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