BBC Announces River Song's Return in the 2015 Christmas Special

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kylemj6977 - Posted on 02 September 2015

River Song 2015

Christmas came early this year when I received a message from our very own Louis Trapani this morning. That message - a link to the following story - was Christmas come early. 

The Doctor and River Song Reunite for a Spectacular Christmas


Normally, I would prefface this notice by stating a most appropriate phrase; however, today...SPOILERS wouldn't be sufficient.


River Song 2015

Alex Kingston returns on Christmas Day 2015 to the role she made famous - River Song.

River Song was last seen in 2013's The Name of the Doctor. In that episode, she uttered what many felt would be her final words: Goodbye, Sweetie. Now, after more than two years since, River makes her return.

But what River is River? Did she survive post-library? Is this from some point in her past (our future)?  Wibbly-wobbly and a bit of timey-wimey?  


To read the official BBC Announcement, click here.

News of the return seems to be all over the net...

From Digital Spy  to Nerdist to many, many more.

What else can I say other than...Merry Christmas, Sweetie.



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