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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 10 May 2017

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I think it's great that we can in this day and age get to see behind the scenes video of our favorite television programs. Without a doubt one of my favorites is Doctor Who. I have been watching it for more than 40 years.

Here in the States, before the Internet, before DVDs, before cable and satellite TV, our access to what in the world was going on in Doctor Who was often limited to outlets like PBS (Public Television) and a very few specialty shops that carried Doctor Who Magazine. Back in the day, episodes which aired on PBS were often decades old when we saw them for the first time. In time PBS and other outlets bridged that gap, the time lag gap between production dates and air dates.

Now it seems the Internet, YouTube in particular, has rocketed past the pace of TV channels like BBC America and even other online portals for viewing Doctor Who like iTunes, making it possible to see behind the scenes video before we ever see the scenes, potentially SPOILING our first viewing of a new episode long before we get to see it. I really enjoy the Doctor Who YouTube Channel but sometimes hesitate to share it with family and friends knowing that a single unintentional mouse click can spoil an episode.

This communication is offered up as a solution of sorts to that problem and has a very simple fix built right into its logic , specifically, inclusion of episode titles in YouTube video titles.

'Pavel's Bad Hair Day - Doctor Who: Series 10' is the title for a video that's currently on the Doctor Who channel. Because I have watched the episode 'Knock Knock' I can view this particular video without it spoiling the episode however that would not be true for someone who has not seen the episode. My suggestion is that either the series episode number (S10 E4) or perhaps to make it more clear, less risky, the episode title be added to the beginning of each new YouTube video in which case the video I've cited as an example would be titled 'Knock Knock: Pavel's Bad Hair Day - Doctor Who: Series 10'


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