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Chase - Posted on 28 June 2009

This fan produced video/dvd is an end of sorts to SPACE: 1999. It's written by Johnny Byrne who also wrote a few DW stories including KEEPER OF TRAKEN and WARRIORS OF THE DEEP. Ziena Merton, who played in MARCO POLO, also played Sandra Benes in SPACE: 1999's two seasons, one of the most human characters. She stars in this and it is a message from ALPHA to Earth as the Alphans abandon the Moonbase as it's systems begin to fail. They've found  a suitable solar system and planets to live on. The Moon will take it out of their range for 25 years or so and bring it back to them, they think. There are clips and the set is remade to reflect one of the walls of Command Center from Year Two. Oddly Kano is not remembered or mentioned in Sandra's message but Paul and Victor, who apparently have died (their deaths as well as the death of Kano was planned for year two's start but never aired or made as far as I know). Luke and Anna Farrell, who were in Bryne's own TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA and who were left there by ...well maybe God and themselves and the runaway Moon, are mentioned and remembered. The music used is Barry Gray's great sounds. This is a nice tribute to the show and as an ending, well done.  Ziena, as ever, acts naturally and humanly. It's  a bit sad but it also means  a new beginning for the Alphans and the Moon as well as they part ways.  The transcript is on line someplace, I'm sure at the great giant CATACOMBS site for 1999, an amazing site. It's also on the AandE dvd extra dvd with the big set and it worth getting just for that.  An amazing end to an amazing show that was far far ahead of its time.  

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