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daveac - Posted on 29 June 2009

Just wondered how we are doing in getting members of the old forums to cross over to here?

Chase seems to be keeping the forums alive but I think some people might need more of a push to get them over here.

Cheers, daveac

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What's up? Since we moved over to the new site, things are very quiet. It feels like it is just Me, Chase, Mr Magister, Namariee, Troy, Idiom, Davac and 'the mysterious administrator' that are here on a regular basis. Everyone on vacation?

 Hey Louis, how many users have signed up on the new site?


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Ha! "The Mysterious Administrator" sounds like a classic Doctor Who adversary. It is merely mostly out of laziness of not wanting to have to log-out and re-log back in that I have been posting from that account. Now that the regenerated site is more or less up and going, it may be less so now.

There are many people that have not yet re-created their account on the new regenerated 3.0 site. To this date there is only about 166 accounts here on the 3.0 site. Of those which are recreated accounts from the 2.0 site, I don't know. But it's only been a month. The site still gets more visitors that are not logged in account holders than those that are logged in. 




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I find myself reluctant to participate in this new forum for two reasons.  I suppose the main reason is that there's not a lot happening in this inter-season "lull".  My participation always tends to pick up when we're actively in the midst of one of the three series.  

But I also genuinely dislike the new "forum".  It's a little better now that the rich-text editor has been made default, but it's still more of a commenting system than a true forum.  I find it exceptionally difficult to follow the conversations, because each comment is titled separate from the thread title.  Thus, the "Recent Comments" sidebar is all but useless.  Who has the time to click each one of the individual comment titles to see if it's in the thread you're interested in following?   I'm further befuddled by the difference between the comment-follower on the left and the topic-follower on the right.  Who cares about topics that are new, but have "died" due to inactivity?  I want to know about the status of topics that are getting new comments; i.e., the ones that have an actual discussion brewing.  Now, luckily, we're given that info under the "Active Forum Topics" sidebar, but that just makes the "New Forum Topics" sidebar all the more a waste of space.  I say get rid of that thing and give us back the sidebar that tells us who's online at the moment.   Or, better still, just give us some much-needed white space.  

It also should be noted that none of these three different trackers actually tells who's making the comments.  And that's key.  If you're having a discussion with someone, it's useful to know when they, particularly, have made a new comment in a thread of interest.  With this new board, you have no idea at all who's commenting until you click on the comment.  That's just a big waste of time.

But my big problem continues to be quoting.  It's more difficult to perform, and certainly harder to read, than it is in just about any other fora in which I participate.  It should be easy to do multiple quotes, because the whole reason for having a forum is to foster specific discussions, but instead it's a pain in the ass.    Yeah, you <b>can</b> (oops, that doesn't work: can) quote with this software, but by the time you get it all set up manually, you run the risk of forgetting the point you were trying to make.  Yeah, there's a greater ability to format your entries on this new board, but we've sacrificed core functionality for the ability to use crazy fonts.  

Not a great trade-off, if you ask me.



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