Does anybody else think...

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carriertone - Posted on 30 June 2009

... that this picture is rather odd?

Just look at it and see what you think is going on.

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They're waiting for a bus.

I'm the one stood at the back of the room, looking through you like you're made of glass. I'm just waiting for you to shatter so I can taste the blood.

Richard Roper, would you care to elaborate? It disgusted me, too but my criticisms are well documented. I hate TORCHWOOD now and wish it would die a fast death rather than the slow one it seems to be dying. What didnt you like about it? I mean what was there to like about it? Children dying, Ianto dead in a foolish attack, the lab blowing up, Jack sacrificing his own grandson...disgusting monster aliens...untrustworthy government officials all over the place, a man shooting his own family, situations that the only way out is negative... 

Whilst I haven't done a complete search, I can't immediately find any other comments along this line. So I thought that I would ask if there was anybody else that was disgusted by “Children of Earth”.

My youngest son got up and left the room about half way through the last episode and didn't what to see the end. My wife got up and did other things. Both Dr fans (with a little f admittedly)

I was so upset by Jack murdering his grandson that I deleted the entire season.

I noted the upset in the Dr Who community about Iento and whilst I thought that Jack was pretty stupid to take some one into that area who was vulnerable, to me he was just another character - even though a character I like very much. But to allow his grandson to me murdered crossed the line for me.

I have always accepted the unwritten principle of TV that you don't show children being killed on screen and this just goes way past that. I stuck with the episode to the end because I was sure there was going to be a different end. After all every other story ends with Jack's inability to die as the solution. On the one hand the change in this formula could have been welcome, on the other the alternate solution was unacceptable.

It's unacceptable because it opens the door for the abuse of children to be accepted as Ok. And in my view anything that does that should be banned.

I accept that my discussed was intended by RTD as it was expressed by Qwen’s comments as to why the Dr had not turned up. The whole story was just another version of "the final solution" and I thought that RTD was very smart to approach such a topic in SF. But I just thought that even in this environment he went too far.

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