Tom Baker is back as the Doctor!!!!!

Chase - Posted on 02 July 2009

Did someone already post this? If so, WHY NOT? THE best actor to play the Doctor, the BEST Doctor is back. Unfortunately the stories are by Paul Magrs who is a bit hit and miss in his past stories. There will be five full casted linked stories with Tom as the 4th Doctor! WTF!? It will be on CD in September or rather the first one will be as he fights an enemy of horrific intent and powerful magntitude. WOW! 

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This is the first time that I've head of this story.

I knew he was in the cast of 'Monarch of the Glen' and 'Little Britain' But this is news to me.

As to him being the Doctor - I have found no news story about it. I've checked BBC, the mirror, the guardian, digital spy and other sources.

Let me know where you heard this from. I'd like to check this out.

I have not heard anything of it as well.

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Tom Baker - Doctor Who is Easy

The 75-year-old actor is returning to the role of the Doctor after 28 years in a series of five audio adventures from BBC Audiobooks Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest.

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Details on the five part "Hornet's Nest" series on this link

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Thanks.. Word seemed to had spread about it around the end of May. Though it is hard to find any real hard facts on the releases. I am assuming that Tom Baker will be reading them as audiobooks. Obviously, for the Doctor parts, he will most likely take the tone and mannerisms of the Doctor. Well, we shall see (or hear) soon enough come this Autumn I suppose.




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rumor or not, i hope they come out! let's just hope it's not tom baker's home made stories about the 4th doctor getting old and not regenerating!

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When looked at critically (as opposed to fondly or emotionally), Tom Baker's readings of the recent-ish Target novels havent been as good as some others. Don't get me wrong, they're listenable enough - but many of the other books have been better read.

I was slightly surprised at that because if anyone remembers his linking narratives for the very first Doctor Who BBC (Troughton) audio cassettes, he was excellent (and some of the subsequent narrators would've done no harm in listening to those).

That said, he remains the top Doc and anything new that involves him will be a complete treat.


Nothing Dies Of Old Age On Skaro!
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I've heard that they are to be full-cast dramas - can't wait! Surprised

I have this image of Tom recording round-the-clock to catch up with the output of the other Doctors!! Laughing  (Yes, I know that will never happen! Tongue out

When I think of the time that's been wasted!!! CryFrown

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Ever since I first discovered John Culshaw's amazing impressions of Tom Baker on Dead Ringers, I've thought it would be great if he were to do a few Big Finish productions.  I'd certainly prefer the real thing, but until now that's looked like an impossibility.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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I love John Culshaw's impressions of Baker, they are hilarious! The thought of him doing some audios as the Doctor would be amazing. However, I can't see him doing a whole pragraph without making some sort of joke!

Jon Pertwee's son sounds just like him. Patrick Troughton's sons sound like him! Plus whoever they got to Hartnell on one of the Companion Chronicles (I think someone was in jail talking to a guard who sounded suspicsiously like the Doctor but I can't recall the name of the thing or which companion of the First Doctor it was, possibly Vicki), sounds JUST like him. 

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I'd almost forgotten about Sean Pertwee.  I saw him once while I was channel surfing in a movie called Blue Juice.  I'd paused there because Cathrine Zeta Jones was in the movie.  Next thing I know, she's talking to some guy who looks and sounds very familiar, but I just can't place him for the life of me.  After about half an hour it finally hits me who he reminds me of.  I look the movie up on IMDB, and sure enough- Sean Pertwee.  That was years ago, too.  I'll bet he looks even more like his old man than he did in that film.  He'd obviously be able to pull off an audio story with no trouble. 

No doubt, he could also handle the role on camera as well.  That might be a bit touchy to handle, though.  Looked at one way, it would be a great tribute to his father if he were to reprise the role for a special episode of the new series.  Looked at from another, and it might be a bit morbid, or at least uncomfortable.  I suppose it would ultimately depend on how Sean viewed the matter.  Personally, I think Jon would love the idea of his son stepping into his dandy outfit.  It would also inspire many of the newer fans of The Doctor to check out the Pertwee era.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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