Babylon 5--Mind War, By Any Means Necessary

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009

last night the sci fi group I belong to viewed these two episodes. Let me start by saying I enjoyed both of them a great deal. I also have to say that I hated Babylon 5 in its original run. I just thought it was boring, too political, and tedious with characters that I could not relate to. I may have been wrong judging by these two episodes. There was always one I missed that I wanted to see in which an alien couple refuses to allow their son to be treated by the doctor due to religious reasons.

In any event Walter Koenig does a great job as the Psi Corp cop, a true villain, slimy, evil, and mean spirited and controlling. I've never seen him like this and this good. True, he played an alien slimeball in THE STARLOST but here, he's so much better. The rouge telepath Jason Ironheart comes to Babylon 5 for refuge from the Psi Cops because they are doing things they shouldn' making him into a super telepath for killing purposes. There is much action, intrigue, and character interplay. I really enjoyed it. At the same time, an Asian female characxter, I forgot her name does not heed G'Kar's warning (G'Kar is a very cool charcater from these two eps) and goes to a planet that seems to be the stomping grounds, at times, of very strong alien forces far greater than we can understand. The drama that unfolds is good and I was not sure how the outcome would be. The whole thing reminds me of two older OUTER LIMITS jelled together but in a good way. It also reminds me of STAR TREK'S WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE as Talia fells in love with Jason years ago. Sinclair seems to be  a great comander, Garabaldi is funny, and the whole thing was enjoyable. This might make me a fan of the show. It also makes me sad that I chose, at the time, to watch DS9 instead of this, DS9 ripping off this show. 

Less so enjoyable, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This ep has all the things I hate about BABYLON 5. Too much politics, too much religion warfare, and too many scene with the awful Mollari. I hate this character, don't find him funny, and just cringe when he's on screen, verbally torturing G'Kar. Their scenes together are not funny. Just what happened to Mollari's nephew? That might have helped me understand him better. I guess in time this Dr Smith like character would have his uses plotwise but...I still hate him as it is. G'Kar went down a few notches in my mind as he does this stupid ritual that reeks of religion that is as Mollari puts it stupid and outdated and reeks of man made religion on Earth. Shouldn't either the Union woman (she got on my nerves and wasn' t at all believable as a union spokesperson) or Sinclair have known about the Rush facts earlier in the show, then there wouldn't be an episode I guess. Still, pulling this out at the last moment seemed...okay I guess but a fit phony, drummed up to give us more intrigue by characters not knowing things they should have earlier.  The situation is solved though but in reality most union moves are not solved this easily and the situation is an interesting one. I wondered how  they would get out of it and  if there would be any solution.


All in all I enjoyed both of these but the second ep makes me wonder if I should bother getting these on dvd to watch more.   

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