Adric timeline (after death) part three

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009

AFTERSHOCK-by Kate Orman-it’s rumored to be anyway, 3 days after  EARTHSHOCK.


I AM-my fan “video” story about Adric being the Doctor retroactively from Day 1!


TIME FLIGHT-Adric's death is discussed by the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan. He appears as a hallcination caused by the Master who was using the Xeraphin to do stop Nyssa and Tegan from entering the Xeraphin tomb area. 1982, Jurassic period-140 Million Years BC. 140,000,000. TV STORY.

INNER CONFLICT by Jame Margitch-Doctor is upset about leaving Adric to die. He can’t change history.


LETTING GO-by Paul Gadzkowski-not sure where this is supposed to take place.


TRAUMATURGE-fan video set when the Doctor and Nyssa are alone, they get taken into their dreams and nightmares. Adric is there. Yawn. Nothing more boring than the Doctor and Nyssa without anyone else.


I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE-fan fic by Jennifer James Kelley-boy not many will like this-it is a cross with QUANTUM LEAP and in it, it is determined that Adric’s chemical components provided the catalyst for human life to develop!






OUTSIDE THE BOX-fan fic third in series (sequel to FAMILY FEUDS and JUST US TODDLERS)


THE SILENT EULOGY-fan fic by Niko-the 5th Doctor contemplates losing Adric and how he will miss him.


TRACES-The Fifth Doctor thinks about Adric and how he never told him he really cared. Nyssa had tried to comfort the Doctor. Tegan was angry, mad, and blaming. FF.


THE HAUNTING-The Fifth Doctor is haunted by a ghost of Adric but it seems to rest after this. This is not a ghost but a dulplicate of Adric which he created using the block transfer codes. FF.


THE MAZE OF ENIGMA-fan fic by Xenon-not sure how but Adric figures into this alien haunting story. Adric is dead but somehow...he is a part of an alien haunting.  

THE HAUNTING-fan fic by Mark Simpson-a different story from the above. This one does not focus only on Adric. Shame that.


CHANCES-fan fic-includes Ace, Roz, 7th Doctor, 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa, possibly Turlough, Adric does not blame the Doctor for his death any longer. Adric is alive in this.


ADRIC CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE-Daleks save Adric to use to take over all time and space. Adric uses block transfer computation to stop them but has to appear to be helping them against the Doctor who he makes believe he hates for not sving him.


ADRIC’S WAR-Adric joins UNIT after he is saved, he fights the Master, he meets Doc3 and UNIT and a family.  


COUNTERCURRENT-Nyssa, Tegan, and the Doctor brave a dangerous prehistoric past to find a segment to the Key to Time to bring Adric back. They have to face the Black Guardian. Adric tells the Doctor to let him go and forget him--that way he can find where he has to go. The Doctor's guilt and grief was holding him back from this. FF. 


REFRAIN-The Fourth Doctor and Leela save boy from a burning Freighter-who can't recall anything. The Doctor used the Elixer of Life given to him by the Sisterhood of Karn during the brain of Moribus affair. This makes the boy-Adric, unknown to any of them--regenerate.  The Doctor makes him Brendan Richards, Aunt Lavinia's ward and he makes him bump into Sarah Jane. FF.       

SAUCERFUL OF DREAMS-fan fic by Dominick Cericola-post EARTHSHOCK-crossover with SANDMAN comic.




THE REALLY BIG FAN FIC PARODY-THE BORG-a parody fan fic which sounds like it would have been better if it were serious. A major crossover which seems to include Romana, Doc4 and other Doctors, Flash Gordon and friends and enemies, STAR WARS, STAR TREK and more. Harry and Hendersons, Maxwell Smart, Steve Austin the Bionic Man and almost every tv show is fit into this.


THE NIGHT OF 1000 STARS-fan fic by Robert A Black, major crossovers, Buffy, Adric as a vampire?,


XIA-X INTERNET ADVENTURE-FEAR ITSELF-AFTER DEAD-fan fic, takes place after Adric is dead but is he really?



K-9 AND COMPANY-Occurs during this time on Earth. Sarah Jane Smith goes to her aunt's home to stop witches who are trying to sacrifice her aunt's young ward Brendan Richards. Sarah was given K-9 III as a gift from the Doctor-put in the attic who knows how long ago. DEC. 5, 1981 to DEC. 26, 1981. TV STORY.


SHADOW-K-9 III helps Brendan and Sarah Jane stop Stephen Dansey from using a shadow demon to kill Sarah. K9 ANNUAL


POWERSTONE-When a witch's skeleton is discovered behind the walls of Aunt Lavinia's house, the coven believes its lost powerstone may be with it. Lavinia and Brendan appear. K9 ANNUAL.


THE SHROUD OF AZAROTH-A film production company on location of the Azaroth Cult experiences strange accidents-the revenge of a woman whose parents disappeared after attending one of the coven's meetings. K9 ANNUAL.


HOUND OF HELL-Sarah Jane attempts an expose of satanists in the druid's ring on Bodmin Marshes, but not before damage to K-9's memory banks causes it to act like the devil hound Ragok. Lavinia and Brendan appear. K9 ANNUAL.


THE MONSTER OF CRAG-The Laird of Castle Crag uses a mini-submarine to keep people away and to protect his smuggling operations. K9 ANNUAL.


HORROR HOTEL-Sarah Jane and K-9 save a young woman from being forces to succeed her father as leader of the coven. K9 ANNUAL.


THE CURSE OF KANBO-ALA-An Indian sect seeks to recover an idol taken from them by Sarah's late uncle, Africana Smith on a train. Brendan and Lavinia appear. Her uncle died sealed up in a tomb. K9 ANNUAL.


THE TEMPORAL TRAP-The Master Kidnaps Jo Grant, Peri, Tegan, and Sarah. The Sixth Doctor saves them. FF.


FIRESTORM by Homer-fan fic-Turlough wants to delete Adric’s room and take another because it hurt everyone too much to have Adric’s room around, reminding them of his death. The Doctor refused, demanding to keep it because of a reminder of his interference. Chicago Fire and time paradox.


PLANET 4 by David Green-Turlough, Nyssa, Tegan, and the 5th Doctor encounter trouble on this planet; Adric is here too and seems to come from the collapse of the GateWay or from Alzurius (sic) and is returned there by the Doctor’s hypnosis. Turlough tries to strangle Adric via the Black Guardian. A really poorly contrived fan fic.


TERMINUS-Tegan shows Turlough to a room which belonged to Adric. He tells her it looked like it belonged to a kid and that he will have throw out all of the stuff in it but we never learn if he does or not. Tegan, upset, tells him to do what he likes. Nyssa remains behind on Terminus at the end of this tale. 3483 or 4637 or late 25th Century. TV STORY.


RESCUE-fan fic-Tegan and the Doctor grow closer, sequel to THE HEALING parts one and two and like that story a porno.


20 QUESTIONS-fan fic-Tegan is locked in a freezer with Doc5; she mentions Adric’s death when she thinks she may die.


TEARS OF SORROW-by Trival Kathy-Doc5 frets over not being able to save Adric.


THE PHOENIX and RETURN OF THE PHOENIX and SICILIAN OPENING-fan fic by Destroyes. Adric returns and the Doctor goes to Terminus to find Nyssa. Tel Varesh is Adric and he finds a way to kill the Master.


THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI-When the Fifth Doctor regenerates into the Sixth in full view of Peri Brown, Adric is one of the many companions the Doctor sees during his phasing in and out. Adric is there telling the Doctor that he has to go on to live and that he knows it is true. 2884. TV STORY.


AFTERSHOCK-by Michael s. Lucart-The Sixth Doctor with Peri aboard, tries to free Adric from the Frieghter. FAN FIC NOT BY Michael S Lucart.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS-The Sixth Doctor and Peri meet Adric who jumped a time stream to help the wounded Sixth Doctor and a kidnapped Peri Brown. FAN FIC. 


THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED--by me-a semi comic series about scenes that should have happened. One has Mel’s leaving with the 7th Doctor. Most others have Adric scenes from EARTHSHOCK such as the 5th Doctor refusing to leave Adric on the Frieghter no matter what; another had Tegan from TIMEFLIGHT telling the Doctor he will go back to save Adric or he’d have two hearts but not even one...well you get the idea. 


THE INTERGALACTIC INTERDIMENSIONAL BORDELLO-When the 6th Doctor remeets Adric, Adric and Peri, well, do stuff. Master appears too.


ALZARIUS EXPRESS-Romana saves Adric from the Frieghter Crash. He remet K-9 II and helped against the slavers who held the Tharills. Zoe Herriot, Jamie McCrimmon, and the Second Doctor land in  E-Space where Adric, the fourth Romana, and Biroc are. Romana has regenerated three times by now, helping free the Tharills. She asks the Second Doctor to bring Adric back to the Starliner just before it takes off from Alzarius. Adric writes a note and leaves it in the Doctor's pocket where the jacket was on a stand before the Fifth Doctor put it on: the note tells the Doctor that he is all right and not dead. FAN FIC.


ADRIC AND THE MASTER-Adric teams up with Time Lady Leora for a brief time after a rescue team saves him from the Freighter death but treachery from Gallifreyan former student of the Master-Rozinel, a henchman of the Master, caused the rescue to go awry and sends Adric, Rozinel, and the team to an alternate dimension. Adric finds out that the Master was once the Meddling Monk. Adric is reunited with Romana and K-9 II. FASA


SAVING ADRIC (SORT OF)-Fan story where the last Doctor greets Adric after Adric dies. FAN FIC NOT BY ME.


Fan fic story where Mel and the 7th Doctor save Adric.


THE START-Adric is alive in an alternate timeline which replaces the real timeline and he meets the 4th Doctor who never regenerated into the 5th. Together they start travels. FAN FIC.


PLANET OF THE DEAD-In 1988, The Seventh Doctor is tempted by illusions of his former companions including Adric on a planet. The illusions include his former selves, Jamie, Sara Kingdom, Adric, Katrina, and others. These area really parasitc, shape changing Gwanzulum who want him to take them off the planet. COMIC.


GHOST TRAIN-Post Adric, Adric returns, Ace, 7th Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, 5th Doctor, Valeyard saves Adrc, Master appears, FAN FIC.


THE TENTH DOCTOR SIMULATIONS: SEASON 4-features Zoe and K9 Mark 4(?), contains the episodes THE JURASSIC GAMBIT, THE TIME TOURNAMENT, DIAL Z FOR PLEASURE, MACHA’S HARVEST, and BLOOD MOON. Somewhere during the course of this, the 10th Doctor using a special power he has, visits Adric on the Freighter and while unable to save him, he and Adric make peace once and for all.


THE PHOENIX, RETURN OF THE PHOENIX, and END OF THE PHOENIX-post ES, Adric returns, Master, 5th Doc, Nyssa, Tegan, possibly Turlough. FAN FIC.


NYSSA’S END-Nyssa, 5th Doctor, possibly Turlough, Nyssa on her own. FAN FIC.


ADRIC’S CHILDREN-Post ES (Earthshock), Doc5


OLD TRICKS-fan fic


WHO SLIDERS-fan fic crossover with SLIDERS and other shows, Adric alive.


REINCARNATION-Adric meets ANGEL and company from the show ANGEL, Doyle from PSI FACTOR. Fan fiction post Earthshock.


SLAYER’S SHADOW-Angel fan fic by Cindy, this Adric may not be the DW Adric.


DR WHO: THE BEGINNING-deals with a longer conversation just after EARTHSHOCK and before/during TERMINUS. Adric only appears at the very beginning of it.


THIS TIME ROUND: THE FIVE DOCTORS-For saving Gallifrey yet again, Flavia introduces the Doctor back to Adric, whom has been saved. Takes place at the end of THE FIVE DOCTORS. The Doctor takes Adric to a time bar where there are hundreds upon hundreds of Alternate Adrics. FAN FIC.


POTPOURRI 8 By Paul Gadzikowski-8th Doctor and Adric talk


TEARS OF SORROW-by Steve G Blair and others-during ARC OF INFINITY, Adric alive


REDEMPTION-fan made toy story where the 12th Doctor (13th?) Who looks like Patrick Stewart saves Adric and presents him to Tegan before he goes off to plan to “retire”. Adric and this Doctor leave at the end but start new adventures? Doctor plans to take Adric to E Space and to Romana and K9. FAN MADE PUPPET STORY.


THE 9TH DOCTOR and the 10TH DOCTOR-Adric figures into these stories early on when Jon of S Club plays the 9th Doctor. Later  Adam Rickett plays the 10th Doctor. The 9th Doctor saves Adric.  This Doctor recycles more than once thus the Doctor has about 30 more lives or so.


ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER BUT NOT IN THAT ORDER-4th Doctor from ROBOT saves Adric off Freighter. They have an adventure in the far past. Synopsis: A tribe that worships a wishbone has all its people wishing that someone named Justine Bateman would come from space and take the wishbone away. Justine is time tripped from her house in Avon On Bath but she has a phobia about wishbones. Justine has a family curse that means when any of her female family members turn 17, they get time tripped...but the 4th Doctor is responsible coming from his time in ROBOT for each vanishing. The people are all descended from Justine’s family female members and a life form that takes on human traits and can turn from male to female at any time. It seems the Doctor took a dinosaur that wanted to live in peace with people from its planet and left it in the past of this tribe and the wishbone is part of it-it having been killed by a fragment of the Freighter. “Doctor, you didn’t” Adric states. “Well it wanted to live in peace and not be bothered by any of its kind.”  Leaving, the Doctor and Adric wanted take Justine back in time but a male member (Java) of her family gets ijnto the TARDIS. (TWO PARTS) this is by me.


FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE or part three of ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER-to the time of George Villiers and the Doctor talks him into getting Charles I to marry Henrietta Maria and thus cause the English Civil War! In part one, Adric finds out about Java.  (TWO PARTS) this is by me.


THE ADRIC CHRONICLES-A diary Adric writes, ranges from FULL CIRCLE thruogh all the stories. This might include stuff from before FULL CIRCLE.   


Stories that might or might not have Adric: THE 57 DOCTORS, DOUBLE TROUBLE (with Daleks),



dric lost in TARDIS during the time from the end of FULL CIRCLE to STATE OF DECAY, gets taken by a time warp to other adventures in time and space. K9 soon follows and tries to help him. They have adventures but arrive back, K9's mind wiped somewhat. Adric is infected by the vampires from STATE OF DECAY and becomes on himself. Adric and Nyssa during THE VISITATION get lost in time and space and have adventures. The Doctor and Adric have adventures en route to Traken. The Doctor and Adric have adventures en route to Earth. The Doctor and Adric have adventures en route to LOGOPOLIS. Adric, Nyssa and the Watcher Doctor have adventures in time and space during LOGOPOLIS. There is an N Space Adric who is a Time Lord on Gallifrey. The (fill in the Doctor, ally, or enemy) saves Adric from the Freighter. Adric becomes a ghost. Adric becomes a Cyberman. The Adric projection from CASTROVALVA is the one who died on the Frieghter in EARTHSHOCK. Adric used his skills to open a vortex into space and time and got off the Frieghter. Tegan died on the Frighter. Nyssa died on the Frieghter. The 4th Doctor never regenerated.  Adric and the Master wait 500 years for the Doctor in CASTROVALVA. Tegan and Nyssa never join the Doctor. Turlough never joins the Doctor. Tegan, Nyssa, and Turlough never join the Doctor. Another has the First Doctor spying on Turlough who is student teacher in a school in the 1980s and the boy Adric who is traveling with the First Doctor attends the school to find out why an alien is in the school. Thus begins adventures for the three. Another postulates that Adric is a time lord. Another is that he is an anti Time Lord. Another had it that there is an Adric lookalike counterpart in our universe who is a Time Lord. My 9th Doctor saves Adric and revisits Tegan. He continues on with the 10th and 11th Doctor, possibly longer into the 30th Doctor’s adventures. Adric finds the 4th Doctor who never regenerated and together they try to find out why the other version never happened. The 4th Doctor from ROBOT finds and saves Adric and they continue on and have adventures and even pick up a companion or two or more. Adric meets the last Doctor in an afterlife, greeting him and helping him. In a similar universe, Adric is met by the Doctor in an afterlife and finds he is in a TARDIS, and he and the Doctor have sort out dimensions and annexed dimensions that need sorting out before they can be designated suitable for the occupation of the transcendent (from a story by David Bell).


DOCTOR WHO: THE LEGACY: SEASON ONE: story 10-CUTTING THE THREADS by Niall Turner-An alternate Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) travels with Adric. Adric  is killed by the Daleks (sigh, some people never learn) and the Doctor kills himself.


BLACKADDER 5: THE TARDIS YEARS-this has Adric in season one


ADRIC’S CREEK-awful paradies, lotsa seasons


THE LEGEND OF ADRIC-this might not be the DW Adric; he is an Orc Beastmaster


A totally ALTERNATE FIFTH DOCTOR SERIES: online fan fic called DESTINED-stories include CASTROVALVA 1-THE START OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP, DANCES WITH WOLVES, AMONG THE LEAVES, FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE, NIGHT CONVERSATIONS and WELCOMED VISTOR (Gallifrey), ORCHIDS AND ROSES (Tegan stays on Earth in 1925 after BLACK ORCHID’s encounter), HOMEWARD (Gallifrey?), LETTERS FROM HOME, and TERRAE MOTUS (an Alt EARTHSHOCK where Adric dies--some people ie fan fic writers never learn). Sigh. This series focuses on the releationship between characters most notably Tegan and the Doctor, from Tegan’s point of view and they do seem to get “together”. Nyssa and Adric seem expanded on but not much. There are more stories later on to this series going beyond the EARTHSHOCK one.


THE PARDON GODDESS OF THE NIGHT-fan fic by Winterbloom-the 8th Doctor gets visits from old friends, Jo, Tegan, Ace, Jamie and others. Before Tegan’s ghost arrives, he visits Adric’s room.


THE FRUITS OF EVIL-fan role play-parody?--features Dodo, Doctor 8 and Grace.


WHO KILLED ADRIC?-comedy play


ADRIC AND THE GIANT SLUG-a fan written piece to show how to write a paragraph in creative stories.




                       ADRIC AND FRIENDS




Eileen Way-a cheerleader-14

Kevin Eachi-a Filipino-Irish American wrestler-13

Little Franky-a young boy who Adric tutors-8

K-9 MK 1-a robot dog

Simone-a telepathic cat

Kiko Lightwing-a 1990 American Indian-15

Grandma-Franky's grandmother-is she a Time Lady ?



Raya-An Amazon girl-dies saving Adric after they find his          parents

Nikkolas-A Spartan boy, apprentice training to be a warrior,       dies after helping Adric find his parents

Keara Login-one of Adric's own people

Leia Feria-A witch girl-turns evil and fights Adric in the         TARDIS

Darius-Roman gladiator-boy in training, first fight in arena       he is saved by trhe arrival of Adric. Claims he is not       a good killer and can't fight but does so to save Adric      many times. Adric tells him it is not good to be a good          killer. 

Nancy Scotts-A fat British girl who can't run too good

Kroton-A dysfunctional friendly rebel Cyberman, in 1979 he         lead a rebellion in THROWBACK-THE SOUL OF A CYBERMAN,         he was a junior Cyberleader, in SHIP OF FOOLS-Kroton        frees a ship from a time warp but the people inside       have time catch up with them and they die--leaving him        alone once more.

Mei-Ting-a Chinese girl 

Pheidias-a Greek slave boy from 79 AD

     Rose Masters-The kindly, good daughter of the Master from          1830. Rejoins Adric.

Oliver Twist-from 1800's, 1832.

D84-a Sandminer Robot, repaired by Adric and his mind and          personality is restored by Adric using block tranfer           computations, a semi-sentient Super Voc, silver, from         51st century.

Brendan Richards-Sarah Jane and Aunt Lavinia's young ward               (from K-9 and COMPANY, and the K-9 ANNUAL), 14,               1981-1982 Aunt Lavina Smith-Sarah Jane's aunt and              Brendan's aunt and mentor, an old lady writer

Romulus and Remus Sylvest-twin sons of Prof. Sylvest, dark         blonde, mathematical geniuses, very young, from 2310

Sivui-A young Silurian-half Sea Devil male-from an alternate       future where the Silurians and Sea Devils live in peace       with human beings






                       ADRIC AND FRIENDS



1-NOT DEAD YET-The Master saves Adric from the freighter in the guise of the Doctor's Tardis. Adric sabotages the Master's Tardis and sends it to the Earth's past. Adric steals a newly built Tardis but it was programmed to go to Gallifrey and blow up as a bomb. Leela, K-9, Andred, Spandrell, and Engin show up to help stop the bomb. Leela almost kills Adric. The Time Lords decide to send Adric to Earth to investigate time disturbances there. MARCH OF 1982


2-THE PEOPLE OF THE GREENHOUSE-At the high school Adric has his locker as his Tardis disguise and he makes believe he is an exchange student from Scandinavia. He is bored until meeting cheerleader Eileen who need help with trigonometry. K-9 was sent with Adric. Adric also meets wrestler Kevin Eachi, who is part Irish and part Filipino. Kevin is jealous of him and Eileen and he tackles Adric. Adric shows Eileen the Tardis and takes her to the People of the Greenhouse. Kevin saw the pair go into the locker and vanish. The People of the Greenhouse think no ill thought. A rose creature converts ill-thinkers but Adric's metabolism saves his mind. Cybermen land and attack. Adric and Eileen help the People clone Adric's spare gold star to stop the Cybermen. Adric and Eileen depart leaving the gold on the planet. Will the People get greedy from it?


3-THE TIME TRIAL OF ADRIC-Adric and Eileen go to 1978 where Adric in Italy, saves a young man from a mob. It is Mohammed Agga, who later shoots the Pope. The Time Lords abduct the Tardis and put Adric on trial. He is to arrange a meeting between the two to promote forgiveness. He has one Gallifreyian rotation to do this in 1979 or he will be sent to the planet Shada. Adric and Eileen do this. Valeyard was one of the jury. Adric himself has to get himself to believe in forgiveness first.


4-PREJUDICE IS NOT IN FASHION-Adric and Eileen try to get back to the present so Eileen can get to a football game and Adric can tutor. They land in Ancient Times in Italy again. The Queen makes them her slaves. Adric will replace the Queen's black slave and become her plaything. Eileen will become a handmaiden. Rebels plot and revolt, helping the pair escape. Adric uses some of his superhuman abilities, which frighten him.


5-THE PEACEFUL INVASIONS-2043 on planet Talamax, a peaceful world harbors two peaceful invasions. One, a logical protoplasm wants to learn to love. The others are emotional aliens who are energetic and need to learn to control themselves. The blob meets Eileen while the aliens capture Adric. The females try to get him to marry them. Eileen gets the blob to meet the aliens and this helps free Adric. The peaceful Talamax people decide to attack the intruders but Adric proves there is no threat. The blob and the aliens co-exist and learn to love. When they do, the blob has a baby.

6-QUEEN OF SCOTS-Eileen and Adric are saved by Mary, Queen of Scots in 1567. Trying to return to the Tardis, the pair become involved in both sides of the Moray War. 


7-THE CHIMNEY SWEEP-Seven minutes after they have left, Adric and Eileen return and emerge from the locker. Kevin, angry, tries to beat up Adric. K-9 comes out and stuns him. Kevin doesn't recall seeing K9. Adric later tutors a 10 year old named Franky while Kevin and Eileen go to the football game. Franky follows Adric to the Tardis. Eileen returns to tell him about the game and they leave to go to the 1800's. Adric doesn't realize Franky is on board. He and Eileen go out and visit London. Franky follows but  two men grab him and use him as a chimney sweep. He nearly gets stuck in a chimney but a gang of children pull him out-all are slaves of the men. Adric and Eileen prepare to leave but K9 tells them of Franky. The pair rescue Franky from the men. Adric takes all the children to a planet where children rule and all there are children. Franky returns to the school with the three and Kevin sees them all come out of the locker again.


8-ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE-Adric decides to use the TARDIS to find Tegan. As he, Eileen, and Franky are about to go--Kevin steps into Tardis and they leave. Kevin is confused, fights Adric, and they hit the controls. 357 BC-Dionysius banishes his Uncle Dion due to the historian Philistus's lies. Plato tries to stop this. Kevin follows Eileen into a cave where robed people carry signs around a tomb. In another room are slaves who are chained and a computer which cares for babies of these people. The two free a man while Adric examines the tomb and frees Zeron--a Terileptil left here to take over after thousands of years, unaware that Terileptils are no longer conquerers. Frank is captured by Dion, freed by K-9 and Plato later. Dion's men attack Syracuse, Sicily and force Dionysius into the amphitheatre. Adric follows Zeron to the city while the man sees the sun and thinks it is a dream. Plato warns Kevin and Eileen

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