LAND OF THE GIANTS timeline in detail part one

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009



IN THE BEGINNING-by William Welch-contains the name the giants call Earth--Sun Planet 111. The giant planet is Polarus Planet V but the giants here do not even come from the planet---they are from another planet themselves and have colonized the planet for 20 years! An alternate universe this one has Major Steve Warren and Alex Bryan as the ship's occupants, Tyce, Elser, Pell, Hode, and others as the little people who live on the planet where giant invaders have already been for 20 years! Very different and worth only a brief look at. Not at all the enthralling LAND OF THE GIANTS we would know and love. 


THE BIRTHDAY GIFT-fan fiction story by Jon Perrin which must be set in an alternate universe since here, Barry's mother Evelyn died first and his father Paul died second. Paul had married a woman called Stephanie. Charlotte Bannerman was Paul's housekeeper. In THE CRASH, Barry's mother was already widowed and she died just before the takeoff of Spindrift. The relatives in England were on Barry's mother's side. Barry turns 10.


THE CRASH-June 12, 1983----Barry's age is 10, Betty (middle name is Ann) is 22, Val (middle name is Ames) and Dan are 25, Barry's already widowed mother died two weeks ago, he is going to live with 3rd cousins he's never seen, Mark is 32, Steve may be 26. We will assume Fitzhugh is 50. Kurt was closer to 55 but we can assume the character was 50 (can't we?). Steve, 7 years out of Princeton, six foot, just transferred from the Chicago-Buenos Aries run. Dan built close to the ground at 5'10", 185 pounds, sidekick for the past 3 years. Betty holds top honors in stewardess rating, even disposition, a year in the states, three months on the Panama City run, she is geared for VIP flights. Slightly nervous newcomer but happy under any circumstances. Fitzhugh stole a million dollars. London had police waiting for him. He says he was a top secret courier for many years. Mark fought his way from tramp steamers through wildcat wells and high iron construction to the status of millionaire at the age of 32. Betty passes out chewing gum. Valerie Ames Scott's luggage has places she has been: Monte Carlo, Nice, Sun Valley, Acapulco, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, New Delhi, London. She has mags, candy. Val has landed a private jet on the Champs Elysees, water skied through Venice at midnight, and parachuted from a plane. The Happening, a magazine, has interviewed her and put her on their cover. She has a chauffeur who picks her up on airstrips. Dan is an ex decathlon star. Mark has learned a long time ago not to argue with a gun. Strange gas room appears in the Spindrift (Jupiter 2 flight deck rear). Spindrift has solar batteries that need recharging.   

THE FIRST NIGHT-fan fiction short story by Jean Flack about Steve's pondering after the first night of landing on the giant planet--just after THE CRASH.


THE CRASH-There are other universes that have had the same occurrences on the same date--June 12, 1983 and sometimes earlier--but with slightly different changes--these include IN THE BEGINNING-a very different universe with only two astronauts trapped on a land of same sized humans who have been invaded by the giants from another planet; THE EIGHT MINUTE PRESENTATION REEL universe where Steve's name is Tim Burton and there is no Valerie, only a Joan Templeton-a scientist--a geneticist and a medical doctor, a DSC and MD--travelling to London to attend a scientific convention, Flight is 703, Fitzhugh used many aliases among them Peter Lingelhopper, Dan has been with Tim (Steve) since 1978, Betty wears a strange outfit with a dome on her head, Barry has sharp sarcastic wit, a giant goldfish attacks the little people; the UNAIRED CRASH PILOT universe which then runs almost the same to the main universe (except there is no dog attack in the junkyard and Fitzhugh finds their way back to the spaceship using his lost money), we see the Spindrift seat belt lights work; in another the CRASH occurred on September 25th, 1983 (the date of the final script and used in WILD JOURNEY). In another Steve Burton was played by Sam Elliot! 


THE LEINSTER NOVEL NUMBER ONE-THE TRAP--June 12th through to June 15th---(preferred to take place in an alternate universe, one of many infinite numbers of alternate universes)----here the giant planet has two moons. Added character of Marjorie in this parallel universe. She was from a ship called the Anne. Planet of giants is 11 light years from Earth. Spindrift has baggage compartments and rooms as well as exits from the rear of the ship. A fire exit is beneath the passenger compartment window storage area. Bubble roof exit. The Spindrift here is called Flight 703. Spindrift can land and take off using a rocket procedure--with its nose facing the sky and it can be raised or lowered onto its belly), the encounter with the space warp, and the landing on a giant road. Mark is called Wilson throughout the book and is much calmer, less at odds with Steve, if at all. Mark also wears glasses and is an astronomer who is taking a telescope-radar tracking device to London. Fitzhugh is seemingly a coward, overcoming a great fear. We find out he had a nervous breakdown after dismantling an atomic power plant which threatened to blow up. It wasn't his fault but he did manage to shut down the atomic pile--after two hours. Steve tells all this to Wilson. Barry is 14 not ten years old as he was in THE CRASH. He also smuggled Chipper aboard, another change from the TV show. Betty worries much too much and Steve is usually depressed. Leinster argues that skyscrapers could not hold a race of giants--the metal and wood would only hold so much weight and he explains that planes are impossible for a race of giants. He also gives an explanation as how the giants control their movements---their bodies have that reserve of adrenalin that Earth humans have in emergencies---but the giants' adrenalin is always on. There is beauty of this world as well as its horror. Also there are many social comparisons: Earth had everything so technically perfect, moving in unstoppable machines and mechanical routines that this time space accident never even occurred to Steve or Dan, in fact, no accident seemed possible. Other problems present themselves: hopelessness at never being able to find the warp, of finding a far out, changed future Earth if centuries have passed due to the 11 light year flight and passage of time, of killing for food, and extreme pessimism. Steve figures that a return to Earth so changed by future time would be a more difficult adjustment than life in the land of the giants. Leinster also notes that real experiences often have long, tedious stretches between them. The imagery of Dan holding up a torch while a menagerie of insects and animals parades around him, trying to find a way out of the shed, is stunning. So is the idea of Steve shoving a torch into a snake's out-of-the-darkness-looming face. Steve also conjectures a bit about the giant government and that they may deny the little people exist, may leave them alone, or even actually want to make deals with the little people. Steve says, "I plan to trust individual giants about as far as I can throw them."   


ENDINGS TO THE CRASH-June 12--June 13, 1983--There are many different endings to THE CRASH: among them: a comic strip version where Steve tells Betty that a burger will last them a long time; a viewmaster version that has Dan, Mark, and Steve working on equipment while Steve believes they will make it since insects make it on Earth; a similar ending in the script followed by Barry and Chipper finding Kagan's lost tape recorder leading into THE WEIRD WORLD opening; the unaired filmed pilot where everyone follows Fitzhugh back to the ship using his money as a trail. Consider each one an alternate universe. A few may be able to fit into just after the aired THE CRASH ending--it is night and the seven travelers are looking for a way back to the ship--they could find the money trail than the next day, Betty and Steve could talk about survival--then Steve, Dan, and Mark could work on the equipment, Barry and Chipper could find the tape recorder...


RON LORDI'S LAND OF THE GIANTS-This is a home movie version of the crash of Spindrift, beginning with all the scenes at the airport with Collier, who is a man here with a secretary. The flu is mentioned, the Shamrock is put on hold and Spindrift is taken by Mark Wilson, Alexander Fitzhugh, brunette Valerie Scott, and a FOUR YEAR OLD Barry Lockridge. There is no Chipper, Dan is white, and Betty has long brunette hair. All of the unaired pilot scenes are included here. Mark and Fitzhugh leave the ship, not Barry and Fitzhugh. Valerie is taken by a giant man-ape named Bobo, rescued by Steve, and both are captured by a long haired Jodar--who is much older than he was in GENIUS AT WORK and taken to Dr. Arno, who plans to dissect Valerie. Bobo breaks out and saves her. Mark joins up with Dan to rescue the other two. Bobo gets Val again. Using parts from the ship, Mark makes a laser sound type gun to get Bobo to release Val. A snake attacks Steve and Val but Bobo stops it. Spiders also attack first Steve and then Dan. Betty and Barry are captured by Kobick who wears a t-shirt. Fitzhugh aides in the rescue of the boy and Betty--and Mark who was also captured by Kobick. They all get away. A strange but fun endeavor.


THE WEIRD WORLD-June 20, 1983---Major Kagen first appearance and apparent death. The National Air Research Team was lost in a space orbiting lab and thought dead. Giants captured most of them. Only Kagen survived the capture and escape. His men were killed by a giant spider. First mention and look at Science Center.


THE BRITISH COLORING BOOK-June 12th-through to June 21, 1983--features unrelated drawings from THE CRASH and Kagan from THE WEIRD WORLD as well as the little people scouting around their new land, spotting various objects such as water glasses and spectacles. Val encounters a giant spider. (This could be short unrelated adventures and as such could also be part of an alternate or parallel universe in which these events took place only there, but not in the main universe).


THE TRAP-June 30, 1983-Giant mentions other spaceships from Earth have landed here. Mention of a reward for capturing little people. Giants have tents, radar, trucks.


THUMBNAIL SKETCH-fan fiction by Lindar--possibly July 1, 1983--A cat attack wounds Steve and he is nursed back to health, unable to be moved, by Dan. One time four years ago, they had beaten airbase security and snuck aboard the JX17, a top secret spacecraft. A very different alternate universe--the relationship between Dan and Steve is a lot...uhmm, different.


THE BOUNTY HUNTER-July 2, 1983 to July 4, 1983-Reward posters seen. Mark was the chairman of the board of 17 corporations before the age of 30 (and Val wonders if it was the other way around).


ALTERNATE WORLD BOUNTY HUNTER-July 2, 1983--Steve is named Tim in this alternate universe, the reward postings are dropped by plane, and giant flying insects attack the little people and the spaceship in this alternate universe. Also--the bounty hunter is the giant entomologist from THE CRASH. Giant language, written and spoken, is very alien, yet they speak some English. 


THE LEINSTER NOVEL NUMBER TWO--THE HOT SPOT--July 12, 1983-July 27, 1983--(preferred to be thought of as taking place in an alternate universe-but the same universe as Leinster's other novels)-


THE BRITISH ANNUALS-Crash Into the Unknown (another alternate world version of THE CRASH--in which the giants brought the spaceship, here called only 703, to their planet using a giant man made Time Warp, Fitzhugh is rougher and meaner); THE HAPPY RETURN (703 is in an ornamental pool of the scientist who made the Time Warp, Fitzhugh smokes a cigar and Mark acts somewhat cowardly but figures they are in another dimension--another universe, the ship lands on a tall building's roof in a city of skyscrapers); THE TOY TRAP---Val, Fitz, and Steve hunt for a battery but find dangers at a farm; escaping in a toy tank in a box, they discover this tank is a bomb to destroy the Law Palace and they stop it, Steve wanted to spank Valerie (!); BARRY AND THE BANK ROBBERS--Barry and Chipper who get away from 703 which is perched atop a larger skyscraper--the pair become involved with bank robbers, a vault, a lift, and a helicopter; giants here use pound notes, Steve wants to spank Barry(!); THE LOST ONE--Betty and Valerie (who wonders what her Riviera pals would say if they could see her humping water containers!!?!) meet Tuftian  Spicer--the angry, mad, only survivor of explorer team who set out from Earth in 1954 (when Val claims that was 32 years ago, we learn that the year here in this alternate universe is 1986), Val and Betty use a balloon to get away from him; THE BARGAIN---a drought takes place while Val, Steve, and Fitzhugh are away, a brush fire and the water shot by firemen spell trouble--washing 703 (with Dan, Mark, and Betty inside) near a drain--Barry offers to get a giant boy's baseball if the boy will pull 703 up out of the drain, Barry was a knot tying Boy Scout back on Earth; NIGHTMARE IN GIANT LAND-the giants' moon is 12 times the size of our moon and the stars appear larger, a giant carnival spells big trouble for all seven Earth people; MINI-SPIES--Steve and Mark stop Anti Earth group giants Kram and Arrof from killing a kindly Prof. Apage--a man who wants to make peace with the little people; TWO IN A TRAP-Betty and Valerie escape Dr. Kroom--we find out the giants have the same internal bone structure as Earthlings; PYGMIES AT PLAY--703 flies through a ventilator fan into a building--a department store and escapes again through a mesh of an air conditioner using its metal beryllium steel ram; MIDGET SAFARI--703 lay in the crotch of a giant flower tree, Steve, Mark, Fitzhugh, and Val are followed to a super market by Barry, Mark had a gun, 703 goes out of control; ESCAPE TO THE DEEPS continues the story begun in MIDGET SAFARI--we move faster than the giants do--Steve figures that time slows down for the giants so that on Earth--a man would live a lifetime in only a few years of a giant's life, the garden of the scientist who put the 703 through the Time Warp proves still dangerous, 703 is captured and gets away--but later lands in a giant pool; RAID FOR SURVIVAL---a rain flood nearly drowns Barry and Chipper but 703 swoops in to save them, the ship leaves the city and encounters yet another farm, lands in a haystack, Betty uses a medical chest from the ship; IN A NUTSHELL--a pool, a giant boy named Prak who puts Barry through some tests against his beetle, another boy named Arix, and a Steve rescue of Barry from an empty fish tank; THE BIG RISK---Dan and Barry play chess; Mark once worked for the FBI, building homing devices; Dan meets a scientist who is kind to the little people and will convince his people to trust them, when the meeting goes wrong--the kindly scientist--Burrock stops Dr. Olf from harming and capturing Dan, Mark hot wired the lift to help Dan get away; GRIFL MUST DIE--the gang try to steal a battery from a beggar's hearing aide, from which Mark and Steve overhear a plot to assassinate the President--Grifl who is arriving at the Praesidium, the beggar is a spy, Fitzhugh doesn't want to get involved since they have enough troubles of their own, they do get involved and save Grifl.              

STEVE'S BLACK EYE-fan fiction by Maria Anne Bennett-July 28, 1983---Valerie gives Steve a split lip and a black eye over some argument they have. Steve is tired of fighting with Mark, Fitzhugh, and Val. Mark goes after Val, convinces her to return so they can work together to get off the planet, and is grabbed up by a giant little boy-Robbie. Val makes him drop Mark and the two get caught in an avalanche and fall into a gully. Val nurses Mark and calls the others in to rescue them. Somewhat silly fan fiction but has it moments. Should really be considered an alternate universe--as Val would not hit Steve--she was hardly a very physical fighter.


THE GOLDEN CAGE-July 29, 1983-Marna's first appearance--she and her parents Mr. Charles and Mrs. Whalen were on a trip to Paris, France and the crashed in the land of the giants. Spindrift galley. Mention made of other Earth ships and people here.


THE HORNET-fan story by Josette Barlett-July 29, 1983--another version of THE GOLDEN CAGE--consider most fan fiction to be yet more alternate universes.


THE LOST ONES-August 7, 1983-Nick, Dolph, Hopper, and Joey appear, the others of their gang are supposed to be all dead except for Pete and Robbie--who are somewhere, captured by other giants.


WINGS OF FREEDOM-a sequel to THE GOLDEN CAGE by Jean Flack-August 8, 1983---this could be considered an alternate universe--Marna, after about a week and few days (a week and a few days after THE GOLDEN CAGE), leaves her giant captors and seeks out Mark and the Spindrift, realizing they were correct about her. En route, a giant rodent attacks her, she flees into a hole but it wounds her terribly and she dies in Mark's arms, re-meeting him, Betty, and Steve.


THE GOLD KEY COMIC BOOK ISSUES ONE TO FIVE-August 9---through to September 9, 1983----THE MINI CRIMINALS (The Power Seekers, The Torch is Lit); COUNTDOWN TO ESCAPE (The Wings of an Eagle, The Little Buccaneers); GIANT DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (Mirror Power, The Charge of the Light Brigade); SAFARI IN GIANTLAND (Assault and Battery, Babes in Toyland); CRISIS ! (The Doctor's Dilemma, A Life in Their Hands)-in this last one, Barry contracts a lung condition due to a virus caused by the space warp and it is mentioned Dan was a medic in service. These should also be considered as part of an alternate, parallel universe. There is also an Eastern Country which is at odds with the country the Spindrift is located in.


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