What I'm looking from the change of guard...

emeraldscorpio - Posted on 04 July 2009

1. A lot less earth bound stories. We have Torchwood for that now, thank you.

2. No Daleks for a few years. They should be an "event" story. For a race that has been wiped out at least 3 times they show up a hell of a lot.

3. No more "Petes world" Cybermen. Bring back the Telos/Mondas Cybers.

4. Male companions. Something this new Who lacked (captain Jack, Micky and Adam dont count. One episode is not a companion make. or 4.

5. More wibbely wobbley, timey whimey mixed up time lines. The Moff does them so well.

6. A new Master. Simms (whom i like) was terrible as the Master. IMO of course.

7. The return of Peri Embarassed

8. Multi Doctor stories (See no. 5)

9. Sally Sparrow returning at some point.

10. A Davros, Dalek void mind, episode.

Louis Trapani's picture

I agree for the most part...


1 - We have been saying this for the last four years. Admittedly, it has gotten a little better in the last year or so, but still. I am already trapped on Earth in my everyday life, let's escape this ball of wax more often.

2 - I've been saying this as well. Having them included in each year only dilutes their impact. Having said that, beware of this rumour --> (typed in white type as it could be considered a spoiler. Highlight it to read it) It is rumoured that that the first story starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor will be a Dalek story. (end white text)

3. - I've been saying this for years as well. Bring back the real Cybermen. Since the series returned in 2005, all we got was dead Cyberman head in a museum. Leave the "Pete's World" Cybermen in "Pete's World"

4. - Again, I have been singing the same tune since the series came as well. Why not even have a multi-companion sprint which could contain a male companion. The previous male companions since 2005 don't really count as they each of their run were so short. 

5. - Time stories are always fun.

6. - I like John Simm. I wouldn't mind him as the Master, though they could tweak his character a bit to more aligned to the Master we know from the past. It's time to return to the Roger Delgardo style of Mastering.

7. - The return of Peri? I don't see why. I personally rather see other companions make return before Peri.

8. - Multi-Doctor stories. I would welcome one, but it has to be a real episode, not a special 10 minute Children in Need special. 

9. - Sally Sparrow returning. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. Many viewers would be pleased if it did.

10. - A Davros episode where he is not competing with every companion of the last four years returning and everything including the kitchen sink in the episode would be nice.




Thanks for taking the time out in replying, Louis.


The return of Peri. Only because she was my first love! haha! i know, i know- perv! lol

I loved Anthony Ainley as The Master. He was "My Master." But after I watched Roger Delgardos Moriaty style Master, that became the all time favourite for me. Simms potrayal was good but too maniac-ish (is that even a word? lol) A kids cartoon bad guy. That is what I was reminded of when i watched those episodes. Pity  Derek Jacobi only lasted one episode. He would have been an amazing Master I think.

Maybe the timey wimey stuff could be joined with Davros. A story on young Davros would be amazing (I think its been done through big finish).

And they have to re-do Shada!


Louis Trapani's picture

I believe John Simm was instructed to play him that way. I think he could just as easily take a more Roger Delgardo approach to the character if given that creative direction.

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I have to challenge the logic of your #4 and #9. You say you want male companions because the boys don't count, but then you want to bring on a female guest-star that was in only an episode for an entire season. Look I think she's as pretty as the next dude, but I have a feeling that that character would not stand up to the scrutinity of a 13 episode season. You want to do a two-parter special? Go ahead. But give me a companion that starts fresh and let them run. I have the same opinoin of Jenny. Go ahead and do a two-parter, but then let her go on her merry way.

So what does make a companion count? How many episodes in the box do you need "in the box"? Did I just open a can of worms there?

I do like the young Davros idea. I would also like to see a young Doctor/Master on Gallifrey story. Perhaps Davros could create a different monster beside the Daleks, a new one without time travel abilities and a different kind of menace.

Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey over a season would be cool. We've alread seen RTD thread little things throughout a year, maybe episode one could be one set of events and then by episode 13 they have to go back to the same spot and do them all over again a different way.

What's a Dalek/Davros void mind mean?

I hate Peri. She was a step backward IMO from all the other recent companions from Leela to Nyssa. But I see why men like her. And maybe some women too.

I love Sally Sparrow and believe she'd be a great companion but I'd like to see her with her boyfriend together with the Doctor. That would make a great three team and great conflict too. There was a small hint of that when she met the Tenth Doctor and the other man in her life came out n held her hand or she took his rather to show the raving mad sex pot macho alpha male Doctor that she was taken. Imagine if the three of them were thrust together (Matt Smith maybe have a different take on things and not be after every blond he sees).

I think a female companion alone is old hat but it seems the series wants to play it safe and that's going to be thier undoing. I believe if the scripts don't get better and we get more of the same as ever people are going to tune out and blame Matt Smith which isn't fair as I feel he's going to be a great Doctor. I guess Moffat will do well but the next story looks like a Water Alien story he did from one of the Ninth Doctor annuals. That's not a good thing. I mean the story was good the way it was in the annual but if Moffat is not even starting yet and drawing upon stories from elsewhere, that makes me worry.

Frankly, they should bring back Adam and maybe he can explain himself. As I've ranted about in the past, the original idea was to have him send stuff back from the future to save his dying father (which would lead to Rose's idea to save her father). That was dropped but maybe Adam can use this...but as RTD is leaving, I imagine Moffat won't even think of this idea. IT might even be good to have Adam back as...maybe a bad guy who wants revenge on the Doctor or someone who needs saving from some government (maybe the US is the villain taking over Adam's forehead device).

I was talking iwth someone who felt DW slid since 2005 and he thought that it was okay as DW was always cheesy. I disagree. I mean I guess it was cheesy in the past but since that 2005 season was so good and along the way we've had some GREAT stories, I can't dismiss the crap as "Just DW being DW" any more. It deserves better. And if anyone has read RTD's latest article in DWMagazine, and isn't worried...why not? He truly sounds as if he has/had writrer's block for DW and his "I can't write the last words for this Doctor in a spinoff because it has to be great" AFTER he's already written the ending for Tennant...makes me worry about this grand finale.  DW should be going the more mature route and/or along with more young people route. Instead it's sort of going nowhere.

I hate John Simms as the Master. His return to the show does not bode well. I also hate what they've done to the Daleks. After PARTING OF THE WAYS, DALEK, and DOOMSDAY made them seem to very dangerous and powerful, we got the two part EMPIRE STATE BUILDING travesty of a limp story or rather pieces tied together to resemble a story AND the crap STOLEN EARTH/JOURNEY'S END which brought them right back to "let's push this Dalek to its death" status. In DALEK, you couldn't even touch a Dalek! It also makes me worry that they're talking about cosmetic things...which JNT talked about when the series was going down the tubes in the mid 80s. Changing the theme tune is not going to save a limp show with weak scripts and no ideas left.  I also wonder about RTD's wish list for stories and seasons which also is something JNT did. Unless I"m very wrong, the ratings for PLANET OF THE DEAD slipped on first airing as compared to other stories.

sorry, i should have put a comma in the "dalek void, mind." I mean Having a Davros story without even a mention of Daleks. They will not have been invented yet. A pre chair/accident story maybe pertaining to the start of the war between the Kaleds and Thals from the point of view from a third species on skaro. Never really understood this 2 species on a planet stuff in sci-fi Dan Dare was the same. Treens and Therons on Venus, which i believe was the inspiration for Skaro.


I think Davros appeared in a 6th Doctor story with the Mechanoids. It was quite good. I don't think the Daleks appeared. I wonder what would happen if he ever teamed up with the CYbermen? ALthough that might be boring...depends on how it would be done. Frankly I doubt the new team is going to do anything that drastically different. The ratings have been fantastic, despite the awful quality (of the specials, of the last two or three stories/eps). I predict more Earth bound stories, more giant catacylms on the end of the Earth/universe/galaxy, solar system, etc and more monsters and aliens all the time. I predict more angst with "I'm in love with her/him/it" stuff and more parents who dislike the Doctor and truthfully, I think we're going to see some more of Gallifrey and even more Time Lords like the Rani, Romana, and the Master and of course we're going to see Daleks and probably Cybermen or maybe this time Ice Warriors and/or Wirn...and definitely Zygons.      

deleks, yeah, give thema rest. i started watching in eanest with the 2005 season (when it aired in 2006.) i rather like simm's master, though.
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I really do agree with the feelings of all above, but one thing nobody seems to have commented on is the new series (i.e. 2005 onwards) lack of exploration of the TARDIS as a ship, dimensional thingy and Doctor's home. I always loved the glimpses of the vast interior and function of the TARDIS and it is the homelyness of the Doctor's TARDIS in the TV movie that I thought worked terrifically well.

How about a TARDIS that we actually get to explore? Where do the companions sleep and spend their idle time? How do they make the TARDIS their home? For a new series that has spent sooo much time going on about human stories and human drama, the everyday life of being in the TARDIS has strangely been omitted throughout the new incarnations of the Doctor.

How about a Matt Smith TARDIS bound episode - 'ship in a bottle' style like in Star Trek TNG?



That's because of RTD. He hates writing TARDIS scenes, hates the TARDIS pretty much except as a vehicle to get his characters from place to place. He's said that pretty much no stories wil be entirely set on the TARDIS and implied or stated in an annual that Rose and the Doctor DON'T sleep on board, not even separately ---they find other accomdations. So don't except anything with RTD behind it to explore the TARDIS...he also IMO ruined the console room. It looked terrible from day one when he took over and still does, I hate it that way and am glad they are thinking of changing it or have changed it.

Ditto what he thinks about multi Doctor stories. Both and the fool that runs Big Finish now think that multi Doctor stories suck but...then BF went and did ZAGREUS in lieu of a REAL multi Doctor story and that sucked. Then they went and did a Doctor story with the Sixth Doctor narrowly missing all his other selves but we don't get to hear them only hear about them. What crap.

I say that the TARDIS interior needs to have at least some scenes there and at least one big story inside the TARDIS totally AND there needs to be at least one or two multi Doctor stories even if they have to CGI TOM BAKER'S ass to get him in there. 

btw noticed your avatar and I love Ulysseus 31!  


oh one more thing: after viewing ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN and SILVER NEMESIS, I have to disagree that the new Cybermen should go. I don't ever want to see those old classic Cybermen again unless they look like the ones in TENTH PLANET or REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN, the CM from EARTHSHOCK are okay I guess but to be honest, seeing their jaws (and I know they are supposed to be partially human) just jars me and the fact that in ATTACK we had a fat one...well, I think the new look, parallel Lumic CM are much much better and scarier and less emotional...so I would say if you have a GOOD script unlike NEXT DOCTOR, use them. if not, leave all CM at home  

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I definitely would like to see the mondasian Cybermen return. Big Finish has proven that you can do really creepy, compelling Cybermen stories. in fact, they've done many! One even had Peri! And as we all (probably) know by now, the Big Finish stories have provided fodder for the new series.

I have to say, I adored Simm as the Master. I really enjoyed that portrayal (and why not shake him up a bit, doesn't the Doctor's personality change along with his body?). More proof, I believe, that the new series, like the old one, has stronger characters than stories a lot of the time. I was really let down by the "Last of the Timelords" 2-parter but not by Simm or any of the characters, just the story. Ditto for practically all of series 4, even Moffatt's 2-parter. Donna was fantastic- I will really, really miss her and wonder if she could have returned if DT had stayed on another year- their dynamic was incredible despite the mediocre tales of last year. "You just want 'to mate'? Not with me sunshine!" Catherine Tate is brilliant...

Very stoked for anything new regarding the TARDIS interior. Lance Parkin nuked it in the final BBC novel- The Gallifrey Chronicles to explain why it looks as it does from Doctor 9 on. My favorite interiors have been the secondary console room during Tom Baker's years and the one from the TV movie. Like you, Louis, I hope to have a room in my house one day that has TARDIS doors leading into it- then I want to design my desk like a console and the rest of the room like the TARDIS interior.

Yes, give the Daleks either a rest or a story as gripping as "Dalek" was- one that really showed the power of the Daleks (hah!) and why they're so scary. Stoked that the Zygons may be back- anybody think that they could be the story arc since the enemy revealed at series' end will "have been in every episode"?

I a) would love stories that involved convoluted, time-twisted plot devices, too,  but b) I want them explained logically and intelligently and c) never, ever, EVER want to hear "wibbly-wobbley, Timey-wimey" again on the show. You know what- screw the logical explanation if they just say "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" or other jargon-y nonsense as long as they don't say that phrase again! Makes the Doctor sound like a nincompoop.

Maybe we will get our multi-Doctor story in the Matt Smith era- I suppose it will only be with the new series' Doctors, though. That would be cool. Or how about Doctors 4-11 animated in a full-length (or rather feature-length) show like "Infinite Quest?" If it's written well and the real actors do the voices- I 'm all for substituting film for cel!

"Please do not throw hands at me." -D89
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And I, too, am keen for a male companion. I loved Harry Sullivan and miss him a lot. Would like another companion like that. I love how Big Finish has sort of honored both ian Marter and the character by referring to Harry doing hush hush work somewhere but he's still alive. Anyway, having a male companion clearly worked many, many times for the show so why not again?

"Please do not throw hands at me." -D89

is it me or does the TARDIS looks HUGE in the new pics with the geek and the new companion?

Matt Smith was in Cannes and is on Youtube being interviewed there. He was also in some movie that sounds really good but I forgot the name of it. AND in these interviews he looks so well dressed, so normal, so casual and so handsome and well built...it astounds me still that he looks like THAT as the dOCTOR!

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