TIMEFLIGHT(spoilers about Kalid)

Chase - Posted on 05 July 2009



I expected to hate this, still reeling from the death of Adric. I hated it back when I first saw it and may hate eps2 to 4 but I don't hate this first ep. I still hate the casual way the Doc is like, "Well I planned something to cheer us up,"  and "Adric wouldn't want us to mourn unnessaricly."  How the F would he know? If anything I think Adric would want them to remember him. Anyway the rest if well made, well filmed and feels like a modern day UNIT story, at least at the outset. Davison is again a Doctor in over his head and holds almost no weight or presence. He's kinda the lamest thing in the story thus far to be honest. I love Nyssa's "Doctor, you've done it again."  But I don't get the two girls going on about their stupid holiday when people are missing. Bloody selfish idiots.

Anyway, the TARDIS being loaded onto the plane, the snow around the actual location, the crews' reactions to the Doctor and the TARDIS, the TARDIS being on its side in a plane that the Doctor says is amazing becaues it's aactually smaller inside than out, all add up to an enjoyable first part.

Yes, the story is a lot like THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode, FLIGHT something or other DOES NOT ANSWER even down to the plane going over a Brontosaurus time zone (this being DW we dn't get to see one dino at all, just have the Doctor tell them to watch out for one). Shouldn't they have seen SOME life forms though or has the Ma...eh, Kalid gotten rid of the dinos in this area?

Kalid: the alien being behind this looks marvelous and I defy anyone to tell me they really knew who he really was under all that make up!  I d idn't. It didn't even look like Anthony Ainley!Marvelous make up job and marvelous acting by Ainley to cover up his voice.

The first part is pretty good and Davison and Fielding mock the whole set but what did they expect. It's DW. Frankly I think it all looks pretty good, better than I remembered and fairly strange and distant, remote, forboding. One thing? Shouldn't that citadel be around today or does it get destroyed later on? Who knows? For one thing the cliffhanger and the monsters look different enough and the cliffhanger is fairly fast...

Okay the Plamatons: I thought they had snake arms or something. Anyway they DO look like giant TURDS but whatever. A good episode despite the missed oppurtunity for some real emotion that just started to happen. But this looks good.         


This wasn't as good as the first ep but it's not terrible either. There's an AWFUL lot of technobabble going on here but unlike most of the past technobabble, here, there acxtually are explanations behind all the big fancy words...only the show doesn't give us any, the dvd text does. The Professor is a standard DW character and he gets big fancy words too.

What struck me while watching this was that this story is a bit like THE THREE DOCTORS. There is the standard Prof, three heroes that can almost be a replacement for UNIT (dandy-ish, almost gay pilots instead of dandish almost gay military men, although to be fair, Stapley brings one of his men out of the trance by making him specifically think of Tegan over and over). There's a master manipulator behind it all, a Time Lord in fact, and there are gell like gell guards in both. There's also a citadel that has to be traveled to and threats pulled from the mind. It's almost too many things to be a coincidence but as poor Peter Grimwade is passed on, we can just pass on all of that.

The airport passengers and the Prof are bog standard boring to be honest and things slow down a bit with them. The whole Nyssa-Tegan march through the illusions thing is also standard bog sci fi and boring. It's been done much better in LOST IN SPACE-FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE ("it's only an illusion, it's not real!") and the Adric scene, done so that Matthew Waterhouse's credit could fool the audience with keen eyes reading the tv listings into thinking Adric will be alive...is an embarassment and if that reason given for including it is looked at ....it's one of the things that will drag DW down in the future...worrying about publicity more than the story and scripts.

The Doctor doesn't recognize the Master, I wonder why and the reveal at the end is rather shocking. I never knew. Really. Did anyone know before hand that the Master was Kalid based on just watching this show and not given advance info? If you say yes, you must be lying. :) Again, not a bad ep but not terribly good either. I'ts almost sleep inducing and Sutton is back to being pretty bad.    



I guess I've gotten over the death of Adric and it only took me what? 28 years is it? Anyway, this is not terrible at all. It seemed to go quick as I watched it and I'm really getting into it. The Xeraphin look suitably alien and creepy, the Master is nasty if not totally deadly here. Does Angela Clifford really go into his TARDIS and is never seen again? That's creepy. Did they just forget to save her? Or write her back into the script after this extra scene was written to spend more time as the ep as shorter than normal? It's odd how they delete stuff from the scripts or cut stuff out and then find they are running short so then they have to write new stuff to pad out the episode!

The Doctor lets the Prof die but so does Tegan, who pulls Nyssa out. The Prof's death is disturbing. It's one thing he does it to save Nyssa but he seems to do it for knowledge or to realize he's gooing to die someday soon anyway so he does it for those reasons? ANd he doesn't die easily, he's moaning in pain to the end so it's really upsetting. Peter does a better job here as does Sutton in some demanding scenes.

As for Nyssa: This could be her last meeting iwth the Master and I felt that all that could have come out of that for her character didn't. I mean she could hate him for what he did to her father but in a fan fiction storyh I wrote, she wonders still if her father is still in there and the Master uses that by telling her the Doctor could have separated Tremas from him but didn't for his own reasons. That kind of conflict could have made things all the more dramatic but instead all we get is talk about the tissue compressior elminator and her shocked look that the Master is here.

It's funny to see pilots try to fly the TARDIS and it goes into hover mode over the citadel. The actors are doing what they can. Ainley is in fine form for most of this. The sets still look good and the cliffhanger is okay.

Not as bad as one might think.    


Nope, Angela Clifford doesn't make it out of the Master's TARDIS! Her voice does do a voice over at the airport in one of  the last few scenes.

Anyway despite a lot of logical flaws in this (why would the Master want knowledge from a race that couldn't even stop their own near destruction in a war between two other races?) this is watchable and enjoyable. I liked it and didn't expect to. Tegan wasn't too bad in this (even in her stewardess role) and Sutton has her good moments here. Now that Adric's gone the Doctor seems to have taken to yelling at and blaming Nyssa for things going wrong with the Tardis or in general. It's a strange scene when the Prof walks through the back TARDIS doors, rather creepy and well done.

Davison has some of his funniest moments here, possibly due to the script actually being written for Tom Baker's Doctor. He runs, stops, turns and races back into Tegan withoiut her realizing it to tell her something she probably already knows, he sleeps on the floor of TARDIS , trying to work out what to do about the Master, and rambles on.

One of this Doc's traits is to flip a coin to figure something out and then ignoring the coin toss answer all together. Another is to say, "I'll explain later," something mocked in CURSE OF FATAL TIME.

One of Davison's funniest moments is when the Tardis appears thanks to the Prof's ghost/energy making it appear and The Doc mistakeningly attributing it to Capt. Stapley (or as Kalid said, a flub by Ainley (?) Capt Stuffley). The Doc and the girls were trying to figure out how to get to the other side of the cubicle they were trapped in so when the Doc sees Stapley has, he thinks, materialized the TARDIS inside the cubicle, he praises the man and running inside, he asks, "Do you think you could it to materialize on the other side of that wall for me?" He does this without the rampant sarccasm that made him so nasty in VISITATION. It is quite funny.

At first, at Heathrow, the Doc asks where Tegan is as if he wants to find her. Then he leaves her there.  Yeah! Tegan's off the TARDIS! hooray! Now the Doc and wet Nyssa can have loads of years of adventures (sound only) with big finishes. One down, one to go. And maybe we'll get a good male companion or a female from another planet or some other time. Well, one can dream, can't one?

Not sure about the end to the Master's plan though. It seemed...a bit...too...I don't know, not shown to us! I mean the Xeraphin to their home planet but does the sarphogaus get taken off the Master's TARDIS or is it still there? And to trap them and the Master on the same planet? Isn't that a bit...wreckless for the Doc to do to them? I don't know if we even find out what happens to them. Tha'ts bad storytelling. But never mind....soon we'll go back to Gallifrey and it will be just like it was...oh, wait, no it won't.         


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