Chase - Posted on 05 July 2009

TIMEFLIGHT's monster turds reminded me of this movie which came out in maybe 2004 or so or maybe earlier. With a really snappy (and very very funny) theme song (reminding me of the original THE BLOB theme song), this movie is as schlock as one can get. It's about a giant mutant piece of turd that returns from below and wrecks havoc in a small town. You won't believe your eyes. It's the funnist piece of shit you'll ever see. I defy anyone to not laugh at at least some of this.

The same people are or were going to make something called THE RETAR-DEAD, offensive as that is.

This is not as bad as say JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE KILLER but comes close. That was not funny but MONSTURD is. ANd don't forget to listen to or download that killer funny theme song!    

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