Name's For A Podcast!

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Brigader - Posted on 05 July 2009


I Was Wondering If Any
Of You Can Help.

I Am Making A Podcast And I Need A Name For It

I Was Making A Podcast A While Back, But i Had Some Computer Problems

But Ive Got A New Laptop, So I'm Going To Try Again.

So Can You Help Me Think Of A Name!


The Brig Wink

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Can you give us a clue? Is it a Doctor Who themed podcast? a Torchwood one? a general sci-fi  podcast?

How often? any particular theme - classic DVD reviews? Extended universe (books, big finish etc)? News? Toy reviews? Dalek Building Cool ?

If DW related........

Podcast Sec

Smith and Tones

The Oncoming Storm

The Voice of Boe




The Type 40 podcast

Doctor Whoovie and the Garlics (something a friend of my daughter once said leading to my forum handle)

The lack of silence in the library

The Osterhagen Key

The Raston Warrior Podcast

Rassilon's Rant

Adric's Advice Column

The Romanadvoratrelundar Review

The Venusian Aikido Manual 

THe Bad Wolf Podcast

The Shadow's Proclimations

Lucy Saxon's Boudoir (I'd download this one !)

Sally Sparrow's Easter Eggs of Doom







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Given you forum name how about:

Chap with wings, Five rounds rapid

or just

Five rounds rapid

Trap One

Benton's Coffee Break


UNIP - The United Nations Inteligence Podcast



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