Chase - Posted on 05 July 2009

I just rewatched this today along with some of TIME-FLIGHT. Guess which one I liked more. Anyway I guess I've mellowed on JOURNEY'S END because it wasn't as bad as I first thought on first viewing. IT was worse! NO, not really.

In fact, some of it is still pretty stupid. Sarah Jane giving up to Daleks who are about to exterminate her car...and her in it...without a weapon as she surrenders one moment and then the next she tells Jackie and Mickey to surrender, they won't kill you if don't have a gun on you is pretty stupid. Rose's end is still pretty lame and in a way I can see how the Doctor wants to do it but in another way, I jsut can't see Rose going for it or allowing it or the Doctor doing it. It's just...lame. The other thing is that RTD and Julie G keep seeing the Doc as the big sacrificer and that's true but come on. This is plain silly.

The fake Regeneration: i guess I've mellowed on this idea and the hand and all that but they really fooled all of us and it's annoying.

I do like Jack's line wwhen he finds out there are three Doctors, "you don't want to know what Im thinking right now." It's very funny.

Donna becoming the Doctor and the second Doc getting some of Donna wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so badly acted for's not particularly funny and as much as I love Tate as Donna in almost everything else, she's awful in these scenes and her rambling isn't funny and the techno babble comes fast and furious.

The Osterhagen Key: okay it makes some sense and is a terrible idea so I imagine that world forces would do it, akin to nuclear missiles being used to keep peace. Evne the Doctor thinks it's a bad idea but again in a real world context it makes sense. ANd what is the whole thing about UNIT not being as upper echleon or as powerful as Torchwood? Is that true in the show? WHat was the German lady's problem with Martha and what was she saying to her?

Oh and why can't Rose and the others hide deep in the TARDIS. Are the Daleks going to find them in it, certainly not within 20 minutes. It's sad that Jackie has to leave the woman to die but I'm glad Jackie didn't die.

Donna trapped in the TARDIS scenes work I guess. I tend to think of the TARDIS as indestructible but this works, dramatically. I jsut wonder if every time the DALEKS get their hadns on the TARDIS are they going to be able to dstroy it? Who did close the doors on Donna? The hand? The Dalek Caan?

I can even accept, now, how the Daleks lose power and how Donna and the second Doc save them all. And Davros's scenes are all pretty powerful but I don't buy his crap that the Doc is destroyer of worlds. Davros and the Daleks are. Nuff said on that.

Donna's plight is even sadder and more upsetting than Rose's and I hope that that will be fixed in the last of David Tennant's stories. I love Wilf's goodbye to the Doctor. Touching and in the rain.

Moving the Earth: stupid, silly and impossible but it does make some nice pretty pictures. So that's what DW  has become.

Not as bad as I first thought and I'd probably still give it low ratings but not as low as before say 4 out of 10 or a 5 out of 10.      

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