Is there any possibility for Gallifreyan survival?

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SaintJames - Posted on 06 July 2009

I realize that this question has surfaced and disappeared on multiple occasions, but is there any possibility for the Timelords, or Gallifrey to make a come-back?

I also realize that one of the major developments for the new Doctor Who series (2005 and on) has been the destruction of Gallifrey and its Timelords.  The fact that the Doctor has not violated any temporal laws by generating temporal paradoxes (thereby restoring Gallifrey to its former glory) tells me that the destruction of Gallifrey and all the Timelords is pretty permanent and I should just deal with it. 

I cannot, however, let it go that easily because there has been too many come-backs for people and monsters in DW that were supposed that have been wiped out completely.  Yet, we find Daleks resurfacing after a bloody and cataclysmic time war time and again...we find the Master making a come-back after we all thought every Timelord; the Doctor excepted, were dead.  The cybermen marched forward even after we all thought that the only evidence of their existence was a cyber head piece in Van Statten's underground museum. 

The list is undoubtedly longer and come-backs just keep piling on!

Can Gallifrey make a come-back, and if so; then, how would it occur?

Look to me, Gallifrey is going to feature strongly in the last two David eps. Even if only in flashback but yeah, Gallifrey can be shielded, Gallifrey can be gone to in the past or even in a parallel dimension. RTd once said he didn't want to bring back the Master or something to that effect and lo and behold we get the Master. I"m almost 100 percent sure Gallifrey will feature in some way in the last two eps. I also suspect that the Doctor's father and mother are in it too (cue Dalton and Anderson). And Rose (who remember couldn't come back) and Donna (who couldn't remember the Doctor at all). And Martha and Jack and Wilf and Donna's mum and Jackie and Mickey and k9 and Sarah and Luke and ewl, the John Simms Master.

So Gallifrey can be a flashback

Gallifrey can be an alternate time Gallifrey

Gallifrey can be brought back to life in a time change (as Earth went through at least once)

Gallifrey can be a parallel Gallifrey

Gallifrey can be an anti matter Gallifrey.

Gallifrey can be shrunken into a bottle.

Gallfrey can be in the Matrix which might still exist someplace 

All of Gallifrey can be in a stop watch. 

Gallifrey might be Earth! 

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I haven't seen Jekyll to know what kind of showrunner the Grand Moff is, but I think it would be a mistake to bring them back in his first season. Let Matt and Moff (did I just coin a phrase there?) get their feet under them, then do what you want.

Now if RTD was still in charge I would set the odds at 65/35 that we would see them next year. But I don't know about Moff. So I will set the line tenantively at 25/75 just because I think there are other things he wants to explore first.

As noted above, I think we're going to see Gallifrey in some form THIS year or rather in Tennant's last two eps

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That certainly is a very interesting idea about Gallifrey existing in a parallel universe.  Could this universe be the one that the hybrid Doctor lives with Rose Tyler?  The 3rd Doctor did mention something to that effect in the episode titled Inferno.  Instead of using the TARDIS to slip backward or forward in time, it slips sideways and into a parallel universe.  The 3rd Doctor postulates that because of infinite choices; attributed to free will, there is an equally infinite parallel universes.  This route would be a viable idea to perpetuate the survival of Gallifrey; albeit, not the Gallifrey from your local universe.

Alternate reality model is a great idea to feature Timelords from alternate dimensions lending the Doctor a hand to see if bringing back Gallifrey (in the local universe) is still possible without any violations to the 1st Time Law.

I have not seen sufficient Moffat works to predict an outcome or know how he will manage the Who universe, but it should be grand.  After all, following in RTD can only force Moffat to take it up a notch.

One of the spinoffs mentioned that a Time Lord had Gallifrey cloned so that there were about 7 or 8 or 9 more Gallifreys!!!!! If you think about it, even though the Time Lords were insular, would they leave it to chance that their entire culture would be on one planet?

Also: there is some talk of past stories that intimated that the Time Lords are not just from Gallifrey, that they came to the planet and asked the Gallfreans that were there if they could use the planet to build their citadel, thus the Time Lords are not even frm Gallfrey! There is also a whole range of clues from the TV show that not all Gallefreans are Time Lords and if so, are all Time Lords Gallefreans? It was also suggested that Ace was training at to be a Time Lord so maybe not all Time Lords have to be Gallefreans!

And in a wild idea: what if Earth IS Gallifrey or Gallifrey is Earth, one from the past and the other the future of the other?!  

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