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Chase - Posted on 06 July 2009



Ther'es nothing terribly wrong here at least to me. One thing though: the Doctor looks like a total ass when Nyssa asks why the temporal grace thing doesn't work and he says "nobody's perfect."  Okay then, the death of the archeologist woman and of course Adric is a direct result of his being cavilier about something that could have saved their lives, made things much easier to have rescued Adric and the like. This means this Doctor is a jerk.

That aside, the two plots of Robin and Colin going into the crypt is tense and scary in a way except of course for that giant chicken monster thingie that shoots them. Some say the identity of the villain is revealed (well, not Omega, everyone that knew anything about the history of DW would know it was Omega, I mean the henchTimeLord) but I didn't guess it. Nyssa's okay I guess but not overly interesting. 

The idea that the Time Lords want to kill the Doctor is interesting and makes sense. Colin Baker as Maxil makes a strong villain and a thoroughly unlikeable evil Time Lord. What's with all the changes on Gallifrey between stories? I mean is it thousands of years inbetween the Doc's visits? Davison does a few little comic things here and it works (pointing one way and going another as he's done before).

Ther'es also a huge amount of technobabble going on again and again and it's annoying by this time. And again Tom Baker would have done all that better, faster, and with less emphasis on the techno and more on the babble. Here's it is just boring. Wel the ep isn't though. THe Time Lords are a more boring bunch here than ever before and Borusa...I like Sachs but his Borusa is not the strongest.

Anyway not a bad ep and a good cliffhanger. I also like Damon as a sympathetic charcater but I did suspect him of being the Omega henchman due to his gloves plus he lets the Doctor out and this gets the Doctor shot by Maxil....      



Wow, that was one of the most boring episodes in a long long time, way back into the Pertwee era. I'm not sure why. Tegan returns. Maybe that's it. There's a lot of ...honesty I can't understand how so many people like Tegan. She's really a one note character, a loser who can't hold a job and can't make up her mind. The location stuff is nice. Maybe it's the jam packed bunch of boring Time Lords. Even Colin can't make Maxil interesting, he's  a one note villain/guard really. Mike Gough is really good and all the actors are so it's hard to see why this ep is so slow and boring. Damon is an intersting cahracter too. The Doc's got lots of friends on Gallifrey...

Maybe it's the Doc. He's dull as dishwater here. The sets are okay but nothing special as a trip to Gallifrey should be. Maybe it's the villain Omega. He was ranting and raving when he last appeared and that kept us frm being bored but we were embarassed. Nothing really moves in this ep and there's not much to recommend it.

Tears on Nyssa's face is a nice touch's all so ...routine and predictable. Sigh.   



Wow. That was really another boring episode. I don' t know why. Despite alot of running around, some action, gunplay (from Nyssa no less!), and scenes of Tegan in the crypt finding her cousin Colin with help from Robin, this is really another boring part.

The Matrix: it's now just a dark screen with lines of energy running through it. Omega seems to be in control of it even before the dull cliffhanger of the Doctor saying he's in control of it. The only surprise is that Hedin is the traitor. I didn't spot that one coming.

The rest of this isn't really that poor or bad, it's just flat and boring. Even Omega's confronting of Tegan isn't all that great nor his talk with the Doctor in the Matrix. The whole story, so promising from the start, is just falling flat and this ep is entirely studio bound. Yeck.

What's happened to DW? It's just boring now. One thing: when Nyssa takes the gun, the Doctor is almost shocked...but he's inspired this in the peace (?) girl. Trruth is she was shooting people in her first story and if you look at KEEPER, she was a much better character there than here, even if her acting has improved somewhat. And just what job is Damon's?   

Nyssa seems positively happy to hear Tegan's name again...but Tegan is imprisoned by Omega in the Matrix and maybe it's that that makes her smile!? Never mind that whole lesbian thing with the graffiti or the fact that both Colin and Robin seem to be...uhm, partners.  



Better. I've noticed that when Davison and his companions are out and about in location stuff, there's a freshness to even some of the lamest stories, case in point. I don't understand why Borusa tells Omega that Hedin is dead, calls him a friend to Omega but doesn't give him any of the details. Then to find the location, the 5th Doc is most manipulative in the matrix and he too, also tells Omega that Hedin died and it was "an accident" but says no more! Dumb.

Tegan's pretty cool throughout. I also can't understand despite all manner of adventures and having an Earth link in the first half of this story or at least by ep3 and Tegan, Nyssa and the Doc don't carry any Earth money. There's sure to be some on the TARDIS someplace! Also in scenes that were cut Borusa keeps the stupid Castellan on and events in FIVE DOCTORS make you rethink this scene. It looks like Borusa is being nice here but is he? In lieu of him making the Castellan his patsy in FIVE DOCTORS, maybe he just kept him on to make him the fall guy for himself later on! He also says somethign strange in the cut scene, something like we make mistakes and something about it tells us about how we profit from them. WTF? Is this castellan the same one from INVASION OF TIME, Kelner? If so, why wasn't Kelner in jail but then again Time Lords are so ruthless and their politics so stupid, he probably was kept on!

Love the JNT sequence and the missing scene of the Doctor and the map and love the romp about Amsterdam, enlivening yet another dull story which sagged in the middle. The studio stuff makes things dull. And...does the Doc really want Tegan back? His expressions and "giving up" look say no, while Nyssa seems to scream YES!

Okay Nyssa scream full on and takes forever to fire the gun at the monster. AND the gun that was it's own gun makes it vanish for good but when Tegan, Colin, and Robin were shot, they vanished into Omega's TARDIS. WTF? I guess the gun kills bad guys n not good guys.

There's a lot going on in the chase at the end and the location is used rather well and looks so nice.  Davison gives his Omega a great deal of depth especially when he goes to see the statue song show thingie (just why are kids interested in THIS boring show? oh no DW, the statue musical turning thingie--I guess there were less video games back then) where a kid pushes past him and Omega (Davison) gives him a horrid look but then the kid turns and smiles at him and Omega seems to smile and melt at this...perhaps realizing life is good now. It's an almost sympathetic turn and akin to FRANKENSTEIN just before he kills, accidentally, a little girl picking daises...which made me wonder if Omega would kill this blond kid. He doesn't. But the rest of the chase is just as good...

I love when the Doc examines, quickly a man that has been pushed over by Omega and delares to Tegan that he's be allright but the two girls stop and talk to him to make sure. The Doc reappears and snaps, "He'll be allright!" and then they run on. Brilliant!

The Doc effectively kills Omega. The bastard. But he saved us.

A good end to a story that had a good first ep and two boring ones in the middle. But...was Colin allright in the end? He seemed to be wearing a Lynard Skynard shirt!    

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