[SPOILERS!] Epi 1 'Day One'

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daveac - Posted on 06 July 2009

No Spoiler from me BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

What a great start

And in a Welsh accent 'Looked lovely, it did' in HD

Cheers, daveac


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I tweeted Louis about threads -

Because people may not get each episode at the same time - perhaps one thread per Episode was the best way to go in this case.


I know that in other cases we have asked people to not have too many threads - but at least this way any 'SPOILERS' should be specific to the episode in the thread.

Cheers, daveac

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Absolutely superb.  It felt like proper Sci-Fi for the first time!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STICK WITH THIS FORMAT!  I think it works so well.  I would love to have 2 or 3 5-part stories a year rather than 13 stand alone episodes.

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(Warning: This thread may have spoilers, but this message does not)

I thoroughly enjoyed Day One of Torchwood: The Children of Earth. I think it is off to a great start. I don't think the trailers did it justice, but admittedly, it is hard to capture the flavour of this story (at least seen here in Day One so far) in short 90 second trailer or so.

Excellent direction by Euros Lynn. All the performers were on the top of their game as well. Now, I am looking forward to Day Two.




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But I guess I've always liked Torchwood, so to see people who have been previously down on Torchwood liking this story I guess me loving it is to be expected.

The mystery is great and what a fracking epic cliffhanger.


The throught never crossed my mind that perhaps Jack can really die if you blow him apart, needless to say the cliffhanger certainly had my heart racing in much the same way that Utopia, Turn Left and The Stolen Earth all did.

And oh god, Jack has a daughter!! How and when did that happen? xD

Turning to Ianto.... because you know he's certainly my favourite part of Torchwood, he was absolutely adorable in this, I love finally meeting his sister and his niece and nephew and how he was very much the "monied uncle" with them. ^_^

And Ianto loves Jack.... he hasn't said it yet, but it's his face and the way he acts that says it, and it makes me so so happy that I could possibly melt at the cuteness of it.... and I think I did at one stage. And that goodbye snog almost made me cry. T_T

Love Gwen mirroring Eve Myles with the pregnancy ^^ and her saying hello to the photo of Owen and Tosh at her desk.

Haven't watched it on UKTV yet, catching the time shift version at 10.30pm (I wanted to watch it uncut and without commericals first) so I'll let everyone know how that goes.

Great story so far.... bring on tommorrow!

I hope Jack is ok :(


~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast








A few points...

Way too early for me to judge if its a good story However as it stands it was ok.There where a few good moments which creeped me out. The children’s faces when they were howling for instance. 

I liked the idea of only one adult being caught up with all the children, nice touch that.


I can’t help shake the feeling that RTD has ran out of ideas. Overall this came across as a rehashed Ood story. Replace the Ood with children, set it on earth and there you go.

The doctor who was visited by TW in the beginning turns out to be a government mole whose purpose is to infiltrate TW? Come on!  I know this is a sci fi show but that was too much of a coincidence for me that he was at the right place / right time. A doctor who has trained to save life just kills someone so he can shoots someone in the back? That just doesn't ring true to me.


Overall I did enjoy the story and I’m glad I don’t have to wait until next week for part two but I was definitely left with the feeling it was a formulaic RTD script.





RTD has run out of ideas. Another Earth shattering children possessed story (SJM) with "consquences" for the whole DW ?Torturus Wood universe. Please somebody either cancel this show and /or get RTD out of the entire DW universe!  

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I think you're every much in the minority... 5+ million UK viewers, plus all the Australian viewers and everyone else in world who watched it today and enjoyed it certainly don't agree with you

If you don't like Torchwood, save yourself hours of torture and simply don't watch it

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

I hate to do this, but... seriously, your schtick is tired and worn out, Chase. I've been vocal of my problems with RTD's writing, but the fact that you tear this entire mini-series apart because RTD wrote it when you hadn't even seen it, and your obvious desire to hate it no matter what, it's not needed at all.

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Well I thought that that was excellent, if a little 'Midwich Cuckoo-like' (not that that is a bad thing)

Off the wall idea, but I was wondering if the bomb was how Jack became the face of Boe - Just a head left. I think I am wrong, because I'm pretty sure I saw a burnt Jack in the 'next time' trailer.

The whole thing reminds a bit of the Primeval plot with the MI6 people coming after the ARK. Lots of plot twists hope it carries on at this quality with a decent ending rather than say going from 'the stolen earth' into the rubbish 'journey's end'.

Day two is slowly traveling towards me on the 'red eye'. I will try to listen to the radio prequels as well tomorrow.


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Chase I would love to take you to task on this episode of Torchwood, anyone who calls RTD crap after this clearly doesn't know good television when they see it.  And i've seen your lists.....

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The funny thing about the above post is that all I saw was Chase I would love to take...


me out? To dinner? :)   

uhm, I didn't say i've seen it. I just reacted to the other person's response and the fact that it's another earth shattering story. When I've seen it, I'll reveiw it

I watched Day One last night - managed to get BBC iPlayer working in US using some jiggery-pokery with my work's VPN connection!  I really should not make that a habit, boss might get mad....!

Anyway, Children of Earth Day One was, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic.  While it's great that fans can still see the connections to the Who universe, it's really not necessary for new viewers to know there is any connection, and I felt for the first time that Torchwood has matured into a great show in it's own right - not under the shadow of Doctor Who any more.  For S1 and to a lesser extent S2, I always had the nagging feeling that if Torchwood wasn't a Who spin-off, I probably wouldn't watch it.  After Day One, I don't feel that any more.

As to the actual episode itself, I thought it did a great job in portraying just how creepy the whole children stopping thing would actually be.  The government conspiracy thing is very intriguing - obviously the British government did something to REALLY tick-off this alien race, whomever they are, and I for one can't wait to find out what.  C'mon who doesn't love a good conspiracy!!

I really liked the humanising of Jack and Ianto by introducing family connections, in particular the situation with Jack's daughter and grandson was both interesting and heartbreaking at the same time.  I also liked that they are addressing Jack and Ianto's relationship in a realistic and mature manner.  I thought the relationship in S2 seemed more played for controversy, and not necessarily too believable, however here they are dealing with the personal consequences of it, and I really like and respect that.

Also, Gwen as action hero at the end!  Fantastic!!

Coincidence that the asylum guy was named Timothy White?  I think not.

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