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That was good. Janet Fielding is truly great in this even if Tegan is a bit of a victim throughout. As much as I like the idea of Nyssa and think she's pretty, Sutton really still is pretty bad and her acting reminds me a bit of Zoey from the Troughton years...variable and at times really poor, at times charming. Her inability to get the Doctor to be interested in her new dress is so ill timed and misplayed by Sutton that all the subtly and humor goes out of the situation. It could have been so well done and it's really a take on a similar pair of scenes in a Victoria story where I believe  the Doc and Jamie do notice and then later when Sarah Jane tries on the same outfit and the Fourth Doctor notices barely and calls her Vicky or Victoria (I think, wrongly he calls her Vicky and then doesn't even really look at the dress). Davison does his best in this scene and it works from the Doc's perspective but not from Nyssa's really and it's really due to Sutton's inability to act to be honest and IMO.

At the time I first saw this I thought Lon was a bit of a tranvestite but recently viewing it I could see he's a slacker lay about who happens to wear make up and lipstick and walk around barefoot in his house, fingering a snake statue. The build up was rather well done and all the characters seem well defined. The sets are pretty good too. There are long sequences in the TARDIS and that's always welcome if they're as good as these, apart from the lone Nyssa dress sequence.

Not sure why the Doctor thought leaving Tegan alone with Nyssa would be a good thing nor why letting her out of the TARDIS was a good thing when he knew the Mara was inside her. But then there has to be a story. H'e's pretty ineffective explaining things but then again, so were all the other Docs at times. It's just...he's so ineffective so much of the time but for once, he looks good doing it and also...he seems to have some presense finally and some authority.

The cliffhanger is most effective and creepy with the Mara skull in the crystal ball and the gypsy women at the market...and the market reminds me of the much later TURN LEFT market. Here, though, the gypsy woman is a victim and not a villain but she doesn't die, at least not here or at all if I recall correctly.

So all in all, a good episode, well done, tense, and interesting and different...oh, and a lot less techno babble. 



That was pretty good too. Lon is not as irritating as when first viewed, his mum makes sense in a way that clueless characters often do, and Nyssa' dress is still awful. She on the other hand is much better, Sutton putting in a better performance. It's also nice to see the Doctor trying to solve a problem by talk and meditation...which doesn't really work for him in this situation. ANd in ep 3 yes, he's trapped in a cell but Davison makes the most out of it and does well IMO. Chela's a nice new shiny companion, this week's replacement for Adric really. Fielding is still in top form despite some silly voice modulating and the set for the cave entrance  from the outside looks like STAR TREK-THEAPPLE's set. All in all a good pair of episodes, detailing just enough to give us more and find out who the old man is that is sitting cross legged since ep1's very beginning. One odd thing is that at some point during the end of ep2 or beginning of 3, the Doctor says, "It must be the Mara,"  when he and we have known it all along. And geeze, is Lon tall and well built. And Chela is very good looking. Seems JNT was giving the mum's something to look at as well as the dads (I mean Nyssa and Tegan, God help em or do I?). Anyway I'm sure there's more to say about these two eps but really they're quite diverting. The Mara is scary and doesn't really kill anyone at least not yet. It does control the showman but...and takes over Lon but has it killed anyone yet?

The cliffhanger at the end of 3, despite Nyssa's scream, is quite good.  


A good ending slowed down a bit by the silly celebration. I like that the Doctor gets help from a meditating man, a what an illusion or a mental projection from the man from where he really was? Either way it doesn't matter as this ending is both different and unusual. The story is overall rather good but rather strange. I never thought I'd say this but it was probably on the same level or better than KINDA but of course KINDA had the advantage of having Adric in it. Davison does some very Doctor-ish things here but overall the ending is pretty good. Not sure what else to say except that Lon's outfit for the ceremony was outlandish and terrible. The snake stuff...well, the Mara really isn't a snake is it? It's bad snake effects for the most part but that doesn't bother me at all. I love the last scene with Tegan crying and the Doctor putting his arm around her...barely. Entertaining  and engaging story.  

Two actually: Peter Davison needs to cut his fingernails and I love when Nyssa just waves to him from the cave entrance! 

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