[SPOILERS!] Epi 3 'Day Three'

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daveac - Posted on 08 July 2009


Really getting good!






Was pleased with myself as I'd said to my brother-in-law yesterday the I thought Captain Jack would turn out to have been driving the Bus load of children in 1965.




A bit worried about this wanting 10% of the children - that 'sounds' like The Master at the end of Series 3 and killing 10% of the human race (that was of course re-set)


I hope it's not that.


10/10 this episode


Cheers, daveac

How good is Torchwood turning out to be?

Totally enthralled.

However I do have a bone to pick with RTD... at the end of DW series 3 I wrote a Who script which I sent to him. No... I didn't think he would read it let-alone respond to it, but if you don't ask you don't get right. Anyway, I'm sure I see some of my set pieces in this TW adventure, mmmm get me my lawyer!

back to the real world... 456 = Macra!?!?!


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As I tweeted eariler, I think we should do some digging and find out if this really is Torchwood that we're watching.  I personally thought the programme was on its last legs after it viewing figures dropped and the BBc cutting back on some of its programming. I couldn't have cared less if it get axed tbh.

Now I love it!  I've always said that Torchwood should get rid of all its annoying traits, because there's a decent program underneath.  And now we're 3 episodes in and I can't get enough of it!  I really do hope we can see more of these five-parters, I think showing them over 5 days has been a great sucess, I've been thinking about nothing all week but getting home and watching Torchwood.  I'll go and have a lie down now!

Oh and I think this is the best casted program i've seen for a while.  Even minor (so far anyway) characters of Ianto's sister and brother-in-law seem believable and sincere.  Much better than a spotty pizza boy or a daft old lady!

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I haven't seen this yet but by daft old lady do you mean the woman Jack was in love with in the past? I thought she was the most sympathetic character in all of TORCHWOOD, well, except for Rhys actually. 

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No, the one at the start of series 2, I just thought it was a bit daft that some old lady knew what Torchwood was, short scene I know but that and the blowfish didn't really put me in the best of moods, still i've forgot all about that!  I'm saying nothing about the one you mentioned.......

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Please check out my blog, as I attempt to watch and review EVERY Doctor Who episode!
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Another good episode, although not as intense as the previous two, it is still an enjoyable fare.

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Still great and again loving all the character moments in it

What's up with the 456 through.... somebody give it a bucket.


THOSE DAMN BEANS!!! Ianto was being so forceful and brave too.

But I still can't shake this terrible terrible feeling that someone is going to die tomorrow ever since I read someone say that on LJ.

I've had a gut feeling even before this series started, that Ianto wasn't going to survive it. Especially with the whole "You'll watch me die" speech from Ianto to Jack in this, my fears are deepening. As much as I would be sad, I'd prefer if it was Gwen or Rhys or even Alice... just not Ianto, I love him too much :(

Expect one very very devestated fangirl with lots of capslock crying tomorrow if this proves to be true.

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Re: Ianto, I REALLY doubt it, considering I don't think Torchwood could survive on just Jack & Gwen, as much as I love Torchwood. However, the universe has a way of making me a liar, and if it does happen I'll join you and sob like a baby! D:


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Good episode again. Definitely keeping my interest. Wondering about the 456 a lot. They want the kids, eh? Kind of reminds me of that early Star Trek: TNG episode of that world that kidnapped the children off the Enterprise because they couldn't have their own anymore. I also have a feeling that Ianto is going to buy it soon.

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