Torchwood 3: Days 1-2 SPOILERS!!!!

Chase - Posted on 08 July 2009

This is pretty good, possibly the best TORCHWOODs I've ever seen (and I've seen them all folks). I keep expecting something even worse to happen. I mean some pretty positive things have happened in this series to get our three out of their messes and I keep expecting the ole TORCHWOOD evil ending to happen. Maybe that will come. Maybe all the kids will die. Or turn into aliens and mutants and be locked up forever...

but for now...we have some really emotional scenes going on for all three of our trio mostly dealing with family. I sure hope that Gwen does not lose her baby but this is TORCHWOOD so you know...

I also keep expecting Rhys to be killed off in TW fashion. He's a great character and much loved but if he were killed, there'd be more storylines and more angst among our crew.

Did I catch the credits correctly and RTD did not write the second part?

The whole spy thing seems okay for this series and yet it's slightly old hat, SPOOKS with aliens indeed and it also moves like a snail. Yes, there are action sequence galore, much of it centered around Jack dying again and again and again and there's lots of exposition scenes, the kind they use in trailers and tha'ts okay but thankfully they make me care about the charcters and in that case it was good to get rid of Owen and Tosh, because the five of them were just too...well, I didn't care about Owen a great deal; Tosh was  okay but uneven and also a bit of a geek coward who had almost no redeeming qualities. Gwen was  a complete mess and ass to Rhys until she realized it. Jack was almost too much removed from the fun loving guy in DW...Ianto was not developed much either, a kind of scared puppy...

but now, all three seem to have been redeveloped into these caring, uncaring bastards who love humanity so much they will risk their own to save it. Imagine going to your family to try to experiment on kids in that family so you can save the rest of the world? WTF! That's amazing storytelling and character interplay.

Either way this was good.

Oh and one more thing: why does RTD have to put characters named after other DW characters in his stories? I mean as a fanboy he MUST know that putting a character named Frobisher is going to evoke in fanboy heads everywhere the idea that John Frobisher is going to turn into a Penquin! He did the same in Sarah Jane by putting a character called Rani in it! WTF! Can't he come up with other names? I mean he must know what he's doing to us. I keep expecting Rani to turn on Sarah Jane and say it was all an experiment to test the Doctor's loyality to her.  I wonder if the Doc will mention it when he meets Rani (EKKK I can hardly believe that they named a character that name) that he dislikes the name.

Still pretty good, brilliant that the surviving Torchwood had to become criminals. Rhys is still very funny and I can't get why Jack would turn the 12 children over but I guess we shall find out, probably the aliens would have taken more if they didn't get the 12. These aliens are a slimy bunch ad I can see how having the Doctor here would just negate most of the story and atmosphere. I mean what are those gas breathing aliens doing in there? What's all the goops hitting the windows. I must say this made me want to watch more, which is more than I can say for most other TORCHWOOD episodes from seasons 1 and 2 (and again, not all of those were terrible either).    

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Chase there are already threads for these.  Why couldn't you post in them?

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I didn't do it in those because I reviewed DAY ONE AND TWO together so I didn't know where to put those so I started a new thread.  

When you could've easily posted your Day 1-2 stuff under the Day 2 thread. Yeah, you just feel the need to stand out on your own. Undecided


You went into this wanting to hate it, and you come out of it hating it. You looked for every excuse to slag on it in the end. Frown


That was well written, frustratingly scary and realistic and gut wrenching. All throughout or rather when the politicians were talking about their plan to give over the lower end of chldren and save their own, I had the same droppingly dead feeling that I had when watching the horror movie, STEPHEN KING'S THE MIST. I mean if you've seen it you know the feeling of that ending, the worst ending that could possibly happen, happened and a child was involved. ANd the father's plan was jsut as bad as Torchwood's....which was not as bad as giving the kids up but really...

what kind of plan did Jack have? "I'll deal with the aliens" and then...he doesn't and they kill all those people including two major characters...TORCHWOOD, the team, is ineffective. They can't deal with these aliens. I am bloody angry that they made me think they would stop these aliens and then...they didn't!

Anyway this is good in a horrible kind of way, where horrible things happen. Oh and that Nick Briggs from BIG FINISH was bloody good in this..he really made me hate him as the villain or one of the villains...    

Farewell to this dark, disgusting, and dismal show. May it be out of our miseries forever. Lois, who trusted TW, is in a cell for good, charged with espionage because TW are morons who can't stop any alien invasion this huge, say they can and make things worse--or rather she would be in a thanks to TW she's freed due to the secretary. Jack doesn't even blink as he's taken from his cell. He doens't even think to ask them to free Lois. Frobisher should have killed that bastard PM. The whole show was really his. This is RTD's way of depressing us and it worked.   Sad to say that this is probably how this would go down should, God forbid, this situation actually present itself. This RTD show is so far removed from what DW is, the spirit of it is so destroyed utterly and TW has always been like that...once in a while it would be okay in the DW universe but now...this EDIT is gone hopefully forever. I still stand by my original assessemenst of this crap: like Ray Harryhausen says that instead of looking up at the skies, we're looking down into the sewers strewn with EDIT and trash and gross negativiity.  

EDIT - please moderate your posts - daveac

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